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I Did It. Ahhhhh!

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Hello! I am doing very well!!! Still seeing my new guy. He bought me roses and took me on a date. I love being swooned.

Things with the ex are really quite awkward. We truely only speak because of the kids and that is it. He has even stopped (as of yesterday) coming inside to get the kids. He wants to meet somewhere because coming into the house is too difficult for him he says. I wonder if he is having seconds thoughts or what? I am sure not. Maybe my happiness is ******* him.

Kate are you on FB yet? I am waiting on your request. :)

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Well the new relationship sounds like it's going from strength to strength and hopefully he's taking you somewhere nice for Valentines day, mine is :) It's nice to know that he's doing something because he wants to as the majority of the time it was ignored before or just done to shut me up!

I'm finding the EX scenario similar this end, he has completely distanced himself from me, I get no calls, no texts, no random showing up and if when he is collecting the kids (he organized with them directly now) I ask him in for a cuppa while he waits he says politely no he'll sit in the car and wait. Perhaps it's just a realization that it's over now and they have to let go? Either way it shouldn't worry either of us any further as long as they're being a good parent to our kids.

Talking of which, how's your two going now? things settling down?

Not on FB yet, I'm currently waiting on decent internet as this is terribly unreliable then I'll get myself an iPad as all that sort of stuff is so much better on a tablet, daughter has one so I use hers :)

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My sister is keeping my kids from thursday - saturday and he will be staying the entire time with me. I think we will just hang out for valentines day. :) Sounds perfect to me. It is so nice to do something for vday. I already got roses and he will get me more i know it! Plus he will cook for me. I love to be cooked for! LOL. V day was always ignored in the past as well. nothing ever. blah. Glad that is over!

Weird how the ex's change. Wonder if this is normal. It is nice because I dont have to talk to him. The funny thing is I almost feel sorry for him! I know I shouldn't and he is a big boy and can make his own way. I just feel that I am in such a better place than he is. He is 12 days late paying child support and has nothing to show for his life in my opinion. But things are good. Life is good.

Im happy that you are doing so well! xxxxx

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