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Your Favourite Coping Techniques?


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- Say stop to unwanted thoughts that can drag me away from recovery

- Force myself to focus on the tasks that have to be done in the here and now

- Take the depression seriously as if it is some kind of job where I have to find a solution to the problem

- Stay in contact with God

- Plan ahead

- Make a schedule for my spare-time to prevent being caught by depression

- To be especially aware of when to begin and when to stop doing something, so that I may be free to let past be past (inclusive faults that I have made) and be free to go on with the next task without old burdens, sorrows and so on

- Make sure that there is time to rest and play

- Relaxation techniques

- Light box in winter and in long periods with rain and little sunshine

- Use nature as an antidote to depression ( enjoying, use all my senses)

- Get the housework done so it doesn't pile up

- Treat myself and others with dignity

- Eat healthy

- Taking care of my physical body

- Don't allow myself to do more than I can manage

- Allow myself to develop in a tact that is suitable to me

- Looking out for "red flags" (feelings, thoughts, happenings, situations) I know can trigger depression and try to prevent the blooming of the Dep... :verysad3: with what I know works for me :Coopclapping:(Have used a long time to gather the knowledge about what works for me. To those relatively new to depression or other: The way I see it, the time used to experience and put into memory (I used a notebook) what works and what works not, is the most valuable time ever, even if it is hard work, for nobody can deny that hard work it is)

- Remember to tell myself that I'm worthy of love

- To try to get up again as soon as I find that in spite of all good intentions I have "fallen"

- To use DF


That's a great list, Rosegirl, I need to figure out some way to bookmark because I might want to look back at it in future!

Yes, when everything is functioning these coping skills work well together for me. For the moment I'm here: "- To try to get up again as soon as I find that in spite of all good intentions I have "fallen"". It's really a struggle to find out where to begin to knit everything together again.

Regarding your wish to bookmark, I suppose it's OK to copy it for yourself only and paste it on Words on your private machine under a heading like this: "Coping tips I want to learn from", or something .... To copy to share on Internet is forbidden.

Best wishes!

Aww thanks Rosegirl, what I did is to bookmark the page on my browser, I keep a folder called "Wellness," and I just checked and it does work!!!! Yay :)

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I had a setback and forgot about or didn't know which ones to use for coping skills....I am trying to get back on track again, so far these have helped:




Eating less junk food

Sharing emotions and talking about my emotions to others

Learning learning learning...read and do what you read,

Don't give up, try again

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I carry a little card in my wallet. It contains only one word: OVERSIMPLIFICATION.

Excluding the organic factors, I find that "oversimplification" is at the root of 99% of my depressions. When I "sum up" myself in a word: 'weak,' 'stupid,' 'ugly', 'bad'? . . . All are oversimplifcations of the complex reality of who I am. When I "sum up" other people in the same way? . . . oversimplification. When I look at my past and see only negatives? . . . oversimplification. When I look at other people's pasts and see only negatives? . . . oversimplification. When I look at my future or the future of others and see no hope . . . oversimplification. When I or someone else attempts to "sum up" all the causes of one of my actions by reducing them to a single cause like 'weakness', 'stupidity,' 'poor moral character'? . . . oversimplification. When someone attempts to go beyond mere general moral principals and say they are qualified to take the place of my own conscience? . . . oversimplification. When I or someone else is "certain" that the future is going to play out in a negative way? . . . oversimplification. When I or someone else is "certain" they know what I or someone else is thinking . . . oversimplification. When I tell myself that I cannot live without a certain person or a certain thing and that life is impossible is such a state? . . . oversimplification. I feel badly because I think badly.

What a wonderful word 'oversimplification' is. It covers almost every cognitive distortion. When I am depressed, I feel I am depressed because of some "truth" which is inescapable. But that "truth" almost always turns out to be an oversimplification of complex reality, and therefore not truth, but error. Not truth, but a lie.

In logic this is called "the fallacy of the single cause" or "reductionism." To simplify to the point of misrepresentation.

Of course it is one thing to know this abstractly and another to live it. That is why I carry the little card in my wallet. :flowers:

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Excellent topic, just reading everyone's posts has cheered me up :rolleyes:

1) Playing video games-either PS3 or Hidden Object Games.

2) Shopping for something that makes me feel good about myself, like an outfit that makes me look really good (I know, totally girly)

3) Nice hot bath

4) Playing and petting my cat

5) Listening to music

6) Watching horror and sci fi movies

7) Reading books and magazines

8) Going for a walk (if it's sunny outside)

9) Playing with my BFF's baby

10) Making art, if my concentration level is good

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To remember to let go of stressors, negative thoughts, believe that I can do it.

Take time to relax, meditate in your own way whether its deep breathing or concentrating on something you're doing.

Take care of things as soon as they come up, DO NOT LET THEM SNOWBALL

Don't be afraid to acknowledge that there's a lot of things happening and that you're stressed, break it down and take care of it.

Acknowledge stressors

If stressed, or anxious, slow down a bit and breathe deep.

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I`ll take a shower it usually helps me feel better.

If my thoughts start to be to much I`ll repeat The Lord is My Shepard psalm in my head

Also I`ll listen to calm music

I`ll say it`s okay,it`s okay over and over in my head

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- Watching a great film or TV show

- Photography! Everything from planning and scoping out shots, to taking photos, to coming home and editing them in Photoshop

- Running - Going out for a nice, leisurely run on the trails or in the park

- Enjoying a fresh cup of coffee

- Hugging my wife

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Labeling thoughts- For example when I get miseable thoughts over and over I would label them depressive thoughts which helps me not get caught up in them.

Mindfulness- a great skill to learn that helps you watch thoughts go by without getting caught up in them, and makes feelings easier to deal with.

Pranayama breathing- a breathing exercise I highly recommend and has gotten me through some difficult times

Long walks



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1) My therapist gave me a smooth stone. Rubbing it helps with my anxiety...and is a lot better than rubbing the same spot on my skin until it's raw, a previous coping mechanism.

2) Reviewing my list of positive things that have happended to me. Another idea from my therapist...she has me keeping a daily list of something positive that happened each day. Some are small; some are big; some days there's nothing...but it helps to review the list and know that there are positive things in my life.

3) Reading.

4) Cuddling with the dog.

5) Listening to the song "Light" from the musical Next to Normal. The show is about a treatment resistant bipolar woman and the effect on her family. The song is the hopeful finale.

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Usually I either go hug my mother or pet my dog. The thought alone of being able to do that helps me calm down.
It also helps going on the internet and doing some research on the matter (but, as someone else said, without overdoing it). And, if I manage to at the moment, I play the piano, read or write.

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