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Dealing With Nasty Comments That I Can't Deal With

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I have suffered anxiety since age 16, I am now 22 and am very socially isolated.

I feel a lot of the pathetic people I come across always have to cross the line with me. For example in my last job 2 young guys used to say nasty things indirectly to me but aimed at me, things which were very hurtful and I find very hard to deal with.

1 guy used to call me 'Slenderman' who I worked with, he used to say that slender man raped women and children, he was very tall and thin, and kind of a Myth like creature, but that it was evil and dealt in sexual and hurtful deviances.

Another guy used to call me 'Garry Glitter' and when we were stood in groups a group of them would all talk about things like this aiming them at me, sort of to try and humiliate me, they obviously knew I was aware of this, but being the person I am I would pretend it was nothing.

I know it must be very obvious to people that I have issues, and the fact I am very unsocial obviously makes me disadvantaged in social happenings, but the fact that when I try to put myself into social situations and nasty things are said, I feel very depressed and frustrated.

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I'm so sorry to hear about the mean things people have said to you and around you. I can definitely relate, I've had that done to me more times than I can count. I wish I had an explanation for why people do those things, but I've never really figured it out.

I have a few things I tell myself when I get people saying mean things- that they're insecure, they need to bully others to make themselves better. The one that usually makes me feel better is "haters gonna hate"- meaning people who hate things will find any excuse to hate on things, including us unfortunately. They're not worth your time or worry.

Mean comments also isolate us! They make us feel alone and sad... but we are not alone! I've been teased and bullied so much that I started to hate and distrust everyone, but that isolated me even more. So I do my best to appreciate the good. I ignore the haters, they aren't worth wasting time on, and tell the under appreciated I appreciate them. The worker at Starbucks. The bus driver. The janitor. I am doing my best to live and give joy, so that others don't have to be alone. And so I remember I'm not alone too.

You aren't alone. It's hard, and I'm so sorry you have gone through that. But remember that you are amazing and wonderful and unique.

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I'm so sorry to hear that you were treated that way! It is just down right disgusting! I do agree with LilyRain. Insecure people need to take the focus off themselves by being mean to others. I was extremely overweight almost my entire life. I was made fun of non-stop!! Shamu was my favorite...NOT!

Just remember, no one needs to know they upset or hurt your feelings! Don't let them think they got to you!! You are so much better then they are or ever will be! You also have something they NEVER will!!! A heart!

Please keep your chin up!!

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i'm really sorry you are feeling this way, and i can totally relate to what ur saying, " really not trying to go into politics here or something but just wanna share my experience and tell you it gets better " I live in Jerusalem as Palestinian and we are a minority of Arabs there and things have always been on fire there, the hate the racism ..etc. but i'm also gay so i'm even hated and discriminated against by my own people too, i have been called names and pushed around at school like crazy and they i was even called names that i didnt know what they meant until years later. I used to work at a hotel in west Jerusalem and racist people come up to me asking me about 9/11 and make stupid nasty racist jokes or " questions" !! i used to come home from school everyday after being humiliated at some israeli checkpoint and after being called all kinda of nasty names when entering our village. i couldn't even tell anybody at home about that bcoz my parents are paranoid and depressed themselves and we never really had that kinda trust based healthy relationship in our family.

so basically i never found peace with anybody and had isolated myself all through the 12 years of school. now it's much better, even though i still pretty much live with the same people but look just like LilyRain said

"haters gonna hate" SCREW THEM, they are nothing. work on yourself and try to improving your self esteem one step at a time. and know that wherever you live and whoever you are, you will never be liked and accepted by everybody, there will be always people who try to bring you down to their level so they can feel better about themselves. and everyone cares about what others might think of them even if they say otherwise, but i guess we are sensitive people and that's why we take it to heart.

i'm also now one of the top 5 students at our psychology department at school and others ALWAYS suck up to me so i would help them with their homework and i usually don't

:coophaha:, yes i do wish i had more friends to like me more for who i really am and i also wish i didnt have all these mental issues " depression and social anxiety" but it's what it's and u should understand that it's okay and it's not ur fault in anyway that have social anxiety, and you are gonna be JUST FINE ! never take things to your heart, life can get tough and there are plenty of a******s out there, but those who you are dealing with in ur every day life WILL NOT be in your life forever !

there is no ideal way to deal with these people, sometimes your gonna need to stop them yourself sometimes you are gonna have to make some sort of formal complain to the boss or school headmaster or something, but in general...try to ignore these low life idiots. and cheer up !


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