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What Do You Miss From 'the Good Ol' Days'?


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Drinking Shirley Temples, listening to air traffic control at a local Restaurant called Tuxedo Charlies that was at the foot of the airport runway. Nickelodeon programming, including commercials (splat logo days). Sledding in the snow of the California mountains.

Various things! The 80's were great. May they live in our memory.

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Oh, there are quite a few things I miss from those days, though I never particularly enjoyed being a kid itself. But here are the highlights:

* The 90's Eurodance as well as other music from that era. I remember MTV used to rotate the videos all the time and I still remember many many music videos that really impressed me. At least 'You Learn' by Alanis Morissette, 'Salvation' by The Cranberries and '2 Become 1' by Spice Girls were my solid favorites. Thank goodness we've got now YouTube!

* All the different cartoons. I remember the 90's had much more diverse and original cartoons and kids' TV programmes than we have today. Back then, we had at least Tiny Toons, Alfred J. Kwak, DuckTales, The Animals of Farthing Wood, Biker Mice from Mars and of course Around The World with Willy Fogg, which was orginally aired in the early 80's but was aired in our TV about a decade later. It also contains one of the most unforgettable scenes for any kid of that time, the scene featuring Princess Romy on burning stake. I recently found it from YouTube dubbed in Finnish :D Oh the nostalgia!

* All the summer days we spent in our summer cabin by the lake in Eastern Finland. As I got older, the magic of the place just vanished and the last time I've been there was in the summer of 2001.

*Ice cream! I think we had much better ice cream varietys when I was a kid. On the other hand, nowadays I can't eat much sweet stuff anymore so even though we still had the old ice cream classics available, I still wouldn't be munching on them as eagerly as a kid.

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Oh let's see.....

I miss the way the milk man used to come around. Anybody remember the milk man days? It used to be that you could get almost everything delivered at home. (Groceries, bread, etc.)

I miss "penny candies" at the corner store (when they still just a penny!) - the childhood ritual of spending all of my "allowance" on those and nearly filling up a brown paper bag with them. Black licorice....yum.

And I miss diving into the river from the old handmade raft at the camp. Those old rubber-tire swings. The old-fashioned see-saws and round-a-bouts that made us so dizzy.

The minor scrapes and bruises from wiping out on my bicycle! And someone else mentioned the old glass soda bottles. I miss those too....

Great topic!

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Saturday and Sunday morning cartoons.

Watching Pokemon every day before elementary school.

Feeling so smart.

Being able to cuddle and snuggle and play with my little sister, and having her look up to me so much.

Snuggling with my mom.

My dad being home during the day and taking us to visit our mom at work.

Fighting with my twin sister.

Riding my bike around the neighborhood.

How the world, even the neighborhood, seemed so big.

Sleepovers, playing cards and video games, and daring each other to go to scary parts of the woods or mess with a scary-looking house.

Swinging on swing sets, too big now.

Taking turns spinning each other on those small merry-go-rounds.

Going to the park ALL the time with my grandfather, especially walking behind it before it was more developed.

Walking in the woods by our old house, before scary-looking junkies started hanging out there.

Walking in the fields and past the train tracks behind our old house, before people started hunting geese and deer there.

Drawing game characters on the driveway with chalk.

Getting lost in books and video games.

Our old neighbors, especially their dogs. They were so nice.

Feeling loved yet neglected.

How special it was to sleep in my mom's bed when she was at the hospital or out of town.

Getting to watch bits and pieces of Star Trek with my dad.

Knowing that I was going to grow up and be somebody great.

Knowing that I was going to have great friends and be the life of the party.

It being okay to be scared about talking to girls or having a girlfriend, and imagining having the coolest one ever. And generally being so confused by them.

Playing catch with my dad and listening to him praise me on a good catch.

Actually enjoying holidays before I turned 6. Then they became hassles.

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I miss the music of the 90's. With the passing of half of Kris Kross, it really hit me how great the music of that decade was.

Wow, it's sad that the 90's are the good ole days to me...

Same here. I was showing my students Kriss Kross's "Jump" video on YouTube today (along with some other songs from the 90s). They thought I was crazy, but it was good to reminisce for a little bit even if they were making fun of me, haha.

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Oh and Lucky Charms. We don't have those anywhere but specialty stores here now. #sadface.

...and in hindsight sanity was overrated. I just seemed more sure of things when I was younger though. I blame it on Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles. Turtles in a halfshell....


And yeah, those too.

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I wish I keep all my old stuff from the 90's and wish we took more picture during that period and video too . plus I wish I realized how cool that era was. and I wish I was still friend with the people I went to school with.... or I wish I was born in the 70's 70's to 1999 had great change and music an fashion then the new millennium kicked in ha! ;)

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