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Back Pain? (Also, Breast Enlargement? Just Weird.)


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Can prozac cause or exacerbate back pain? I have chronic low back pain anyway, but it's gotten much worse suddenly, and I've started having pain along my spine and upper back pain as well. I just increased my prozac from 20-30 mg two days ago and I'm wondering if they're related. Since prozac is used to TREAT certain chronic pain it would surprise me, but a couple of places list it as a rare side effect.

Ever since I started prozac I've also had enlarged and painful breasts (again, a rare side effect but apparently it happens!) which probably isn't helping the upper back pain.

(At least I'm not lactating, which is also a listed side effect. Ever wonder what the heck these drugs are really doing to us?!)

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Hi mollyfin,

Your post made me wonder about something I have never considered-back pain. I have had chronic back pain for many years along with many years of taking Prozac and then Fluoxetine. I didn't realize it was a rare side effect either. And every side effect has to be listed, even if it was just one person with a certain one. I have gained weight over the years so have had an increase in my breast size. But you know, who knows which might be causing the back pain. In your case it sounds like you may be having more upper back pain due to your enlarged breasts. Maybe you should consider discussing with your doctor, having an xray taken.

Take care and keep me posted,


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I might if it continues. As it is I have HOPEFULLY a consultation with an expert on prozac specifically coming up at some point (a friend of my aunt's sees him, and while he's not taking new patients he agreed to call me, listen to my problems and recommend me to someone), so I'll see what he says.

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