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What's your favourite 'depression busting' activity?


what is your favourite 'depression busting' activi  

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  1. 1. what is your favourite 'depression busting' activi

    • knitting
    • reading
    • fishing
    • walking/other exercise
    • eating chocolate
    • online forums
    • church/other place of worship
    • sunbathing
    • sex
    • pampering self

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Swimming is good ac .. I haven't been for ages, but I used to really enjoy it. It's one of those things that you don't have to be superfit to do either, which is why it suits me. I tended to go to the adults - preferably ladies -only lanes swimming nights though, rather than trying to fight my way through a collection of inflatables and kids jumping in every five seconds ;)

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It was a toss up!!

I wanted to choose exercising, but then I saw the choice 'pampering oneself'.  I do that a lot when I'm down.  I'll just paint my nails or fix my hair up a bit.  

Exercising is also a great remedy.  I speed walk on my treadmill at home every 2 days or so.  Not because I want to lose weight or need to, I just feel so rested and relaxed after 30 minutes of exercise.  :)

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Guest I am Cat

Where was painting?  There was no art on there!  That's disappointing.   :(

I always pick up a paintbrush to calm myself, in good times and in bad...  or a pencil, or some clay.

Art soothes the soul!

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I went with walking. I love to read and I read a LOT, but as far as actually helping my depression I think exercise helps more.

As for eating chocolate, that would only make me feel guilty! And sex - well, it's been so long I don't think I remember! ;)

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Excercise is good because it helps to get the energy levels going right~ but i like reading  because it offers me an escape from my depressing thoughts and troubles.  So that is why I like to read.  It is like my time out from the depression.  But it depends what you are reading too.  :)

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That is the problem with books like that isnt it?  once we start to read them they are so engrossing that they are hard to turn away from because we want to see how they end and turn out.  i am the same way!

Even though books like that are depressing, I find that I enjoy them, even though that sounds so odd and strange because they keep me reading and drawn into them so much.

I read a lot of other stuff too...but the odd time i find myself picking up books like that as well, even though I know that they are not the best thing for me to be reading.

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I chose reading. I just started to knit, but I find myself holding the needles so tightly that I'm not sure it relaxes me. My hand was even sore for a few days! I'm hoping to loosen up a little.

I also like to sew, making quilts mostly. It's relaxing, unless I goof up and have to rip out a bunch of seams. :(  Hand sewing is nice, too. Embroidery, sewing a binding on a quilt, things like that. I like to have a small project I can carry with me.

As for chocolate, I'm trying to avoid candy bars, although I do manage to find non-candy-bar chocolate once in a while when I need a fix.

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gardening would be my favourite depression busting activity. if i had a garden and was in a condition to do some real gardening. (it used to help me out of some deeply depressed times.)

as it is, i tend to read books or online forums - one is impossible when my concentration doesn't work well, the other is sometimes depression-feeding as well, when i stumble over words/thoughts that are 'triggering' or feeding my depression, in a way (well when i'm down that could be almost anything sad). chocolate has worked really depression-busting at times (but weight-increasing as well :hearts: ).

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knitting is fun, though I can't do anything fancy :) I've made three patchwork blankets so far though, just by knitting squares and stitching em together. I'd love to learn how to knit properly - sweaters and stuff - but i have the feeling that following a pattern would be beyond me ;)

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Well my favorite used to be chocolate, but I found out I'm allergic to it.  How does one actually develop an allergic reaction to chocolate??  Anyhow,  I've been reduced to white chocolate.  Lindoor white truffles are the best, by the way.

I'd have to say Yoga works best along with sex.  Physical activities really help me out a lot!  :D

If not,  I'm getting the white truffle rasperry swirl godiva ice cream and a good movie.  Watching it all in Jammies with my dog curled up with me.  Good times. :D

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shop shop shop......oh wait. i think the pdoc calls that a compulsive activity. :;):

Is it?  Cos I find myself buying crap for no reason when I;m depressed.  The I get it home and wonder why the hell I bought it, cos I couldn't afford it in the first place.  Sometimes it's just like a bagel for lunch, but it can range right up to something ridiculous like a digital camera I don't need. :hearts:

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I recently started up a daily workout regiment... and believe me it's HELPED!  The mood change is so apparent, that I've started to do my 40 minute jogs/150 pushups first thing in the morning in order to elevate my mood for the entire day.  It's like, earlieri n the day, before exercise, I feel depressed and downtrodden, then I perk up and get energetic afterwards.

Exercise has gotten much easier now too.  I quit smoking, and this is the 2nd month of exercising, so that's natural I presume.  Anyway, I hope I shined a tiny bit of light on something for someone.

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ooo, neat topic!

mmm....hazelnut lindor truffles.... those are so amazing.... aaahhh....  :bump:

things that helped during the darkest times:

harry potter books!!


depression forums

exercise (daily walk with the sweetie, in particular)


massages  :sleepy:

curling up in a patch of sunlight

being with sympathetic animal friends

making soap



playing guitar/cello/piano/violin

oddly enough, i couldn't bear to listen to music when i was deeply depressed and anxious.  it would exacerbate the discomfort.  playing instruments was the opposite, though.  my thoughts would go from screaming chaos to quiet focus.  i felt in control as long as i could keep playing.  and maybe a bit better after i put the instrument down, too.

nowadays, my therapy includes:

quartet and band

cleaning house (no lack of things to do there!)

rambunctious kitten!



massage, chocolate, exercise, and sunlight (still)


atlatling (spear throwing)

occasional bursts of silly dance

getting together with good friends

i can't wait to read more of everybody else's ideas.  maybe, as a forum, we can make a big list.  it would be terrific to have a poster on the wall of the depression forum's 768 depression busting activities, neh?

should we begin a new topic and number them?   :hearts:


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