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What's your favourite 'depression busting' activity?


what is your favourite 'depression busting' activi  

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  1. 1. what is your favourite 'depression busting' activi

    • knitting
    • reading
    • fishing
    • walking/other exercise
    • eating chocolate
    • online forums
    • church/other place of worship
    • sunbathing
    • sex
    • pampering self

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  • 8 months later...
On 2/24/2019 at 8:25 AM, silverkit said:

Listening to music, in a pinch.

I would live in a hot shower if it wouldn't turn me into a prune (and result in a catastrophic water bill).

Apartment living is great there. My hot water lasts 59 minutes.

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On 5/21/2007 at 6:13 PM, Doushi said:

Since I completely cut out coffee, I have never had headaches.

Might try that at some point.  When my wife and I skip coffee we end up with "coffee headaches" ..only remedy seems to be coffee then the headache goes away in minutes.  Those are the only headaches I usually get, but my wife has many ..this is worth a try.  Thanks.  Going to have to switch to tea or something because that "coffee time" we share in the morning has been a good thing  ..nix the headaches and it would be better.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Going outside and taking a little walk helps me.  Preferably in an area without many people around...like a trail in the woods, by a river, or a field.  I've found being out in Nature dulls my pain a bit.  

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I'm definitely a music type of guy. I really love music. Though sometimes when I get too far on the dark side even music can't move me. I used to reach out to supportive friends but my friends got tired of me talking to them about depressing stuff so... back to music.

Going for a walk is nice as well. Not being stuck in the house and enjoying the fresh air. Even though my mind is usually still racing while walking it definitely beats being stagnant. 

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  • 1 month later...

Music helps me too. Sometimes just listening to it and sometimes producing my own. Well, at least trying to do so - regardless of the results, it just helps a lot, it's one of my favourite 'time killers'. Other activity that affects me in a positive way is cycling (especially helpful when I just feel like I want to leave all behind - I ride up to 100 km in terms of distance, but only when I have time for that). I am also lucky  enough to finally have a job that maybe isn't well paid so far, but at least I really enjoy it, except when I have to deal with a difficult customer - that may make me stressed sometimes. I create websites (as some sort of junior front-end dev, not a big company at all) and there's something enjoyable for me in looking for bugs in the code and then finally getting a decent solution. I often take care after some more 'creative' parts of my work at home, then just implement it and fix bugs when I'm at work.

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10 hours ago, Epictetus said:

Riding the train

I love riding trains.  Just about every summer during my later teen years I'd take Amtrak from DC to Atlanta to visit my grandparents.  I had my own little private room in the sleeping car and it was so much fun.  It was about a 15 hour trip I believe.  I never slept much but I didn't care...I just enjoyed watching the scenery go by and the sounds of the train were very relaxing.  I also used to take the train from DC to New York City to visit my sister a couple times a year, but it was only a 3-4 hour trip.  Still fun though.          

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  • 2 weeks later...

I actually bought a few of those coloring books for adults and some colored pencils several months ago but never got around to using them.  The past few days though I've started on a couple of the drawings and am really enjoying it.  The illustrations are really cool, Celtic and mythological drawings and I've been looking online to get an idea of what colors to use.   

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  • 5 months later...

Doing art and crafts really help me not think about my sadness, anxiety or pain in my heart I feel almost every day. It's always been one thing that has EXTREMELY helped me release my emotions and feelings into my art, to let it all out. I love to draw do animations,  make pixel art, crochet  and weaving so far the most. I know how to do other kinds of art and craft platforms as well. However all those I stated really help me out the most so I do them more than others, for the time being. I make my art for therapeutic reasons not for fame or popularity. I am debating still if I should show my art on DF. Though  I'm still pretty nervous about it and not fully sure on what I want to do. Who know perhaps some sessions with my therapist I could get the courage to show everyone my art eventually, we will see.



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  • 3 weeks later...

I avoid groups and clubs in my area that aren’t positive for me and actually do me more harm than good. I was bullied for a long time in last self help group for depression and depression worsened while I was turning up and then I decided enough was enough I was gonna sit there and spend 2 hours talking to bunch of idiots who were using their depression to sit, dwell and not do anything at all.  Then some idiot decided let’s invite all of learning disability community and was when all hell broke loose, the bitch arrived with bullying mates and it went from really negative environment to a extremely awful environment. So I had enough and decided I walk off, well bunk off and never looked back. I gave myself positive reasons to stay in places made myself feel comfortable (my bedroom) and my friends house and soon found I liked walking, gaming and I never looked back.. 

those groups are now behind me and if anyone is the same situation where they local support club for ppl with mh is making them worse.. leave, bunk and never look back. 
honestly it takes a lot of courage, commitment but don’t sit with people that like to sit around and moan about their depression, avoid places that are uncool, unworthy of your time and popular people don’t turn up to.

disengage yourself don’t need these shit groups in your life, choose an indoor lifestyle if that’s your thing. Choose hobbies wisely. 

Going to groups will not make you happy, they will worsen yourself esteem,, you will be bored to talking to weather woman, you will be bored talking to the person sits and moans but doesn’t do anything else. 

an indoor life is so much safer for yourself 

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