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What's your favourite 'depression busting' activity?


what is your favourite 'depression busting' activi  

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  1. 1. what is your favourite 'depression busting' activi

    • knitting
    • reading
    • fishing
    • walking/other exercise
    • eating chocolate
    • online forums
    • church/other place of worship
    • sunbathing
    • sex
    • pampering self

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My therapist told me that I should get in touch with my creativity. It was so hard for me because, I ALWAYS told myself that I had no imagination.

So I went for it. I always admired people who painted. So I signed up in a creative painting classes, bought the WHOLE wang bang (brush, paint,..) and started painting!

Omg, I can't believe it and people either. I am so good at it! :Coopyahoo:

When I paint, I'm not in my head or in my body. So it's a big relief for me to be able to escape like this. And the feeling last for a long time also.

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I picked online forum meaning DF as all my friends who understand and support me are here! Love all my DF Friends! :hearts::thumbs-up::hearthrob: Phenomenal friends you are!

My second pick would be exercise and third --- chocolate! deep dark chocolate :inlove:

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Reading, listening to music and creative writing are some of my favourites. I can only do the writing sometimes, but when the writer's block leaves me, it's an amazing outlet– and in the meantime, even school writing can be enjoyable. When I can handle it, seeing my (quasi-)family is really nice and I always feel good for a while after.

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I'm surprised no one chose suntanning. Although I went with exercise as my first choice, tanning would have been my second. Nothing feels better than the warmth of the sun and the way it darkens your skin. It gives the impression that you actually engage in outdoor activities. =P

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Music--hands down, since 2009, when major outside uncontrollable problems descended on me. Whether it is playing my favorite artists or better yet, going to a live music concert--that is spiritual revival and keeps me going. Too bad I can't sing anymore (too many cigarettes).

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I voted exercise, but really anything that takes my mind off of me/my state. Being with friends, reading, exercise, shopping, being online.

I liken my depression (thankfully I've got a mild case) to the noise on an LP. Remember those? If an album was scratched, between songs you'd hear the rhythmic scratching noises - and then when a song would start, you'd only hear the music. That's what I need. Something to drown out the noise.

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I originally voted "walking/other exercise", but I just deleted it.

My favorite activity isn't listed as an option.

I REALLY, REALLY like interacting with other people. Lunch or dinner with friends, attending a sporting event, talking with relatives or neighbors.

These things, simple interactions with people that know me, people that view me as more or less on the same level - these things remind me that many of the problems I have are ones that I've generated myself. Oh, sure, I dunno if I'll ever have a SO again and I've seen nothing to contradict that opinion, but in terms of being some total jerk loser or subhuman freak, I ain't one. I respect the people that I've been fortunate to surround myself with, and they seem to easily tolerate my presence, if not enjoy being in my company. I'm reasonably well-read and I enjoy cracking wise. I'm OK to be around, and very much enjoy being around others.

This activity helps me forget my self-inflicted pain more than anything else.

Best to all.

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I like to go to the asian grocery store after class and buy myself at least one unique food I've never tried or even heard of to have a different experience. Even if I don't like it that's okay! I learned something. Today I tried gantaang bilo bilo. A Filipino snack consisting of tapioca, taro, banana, jackfruit, sweet potato, purple yam (which turns the whole thing purple), and coconut milk. Very yummy. Also had sikhye, a Korean rice punch which I didn't enjoy much.

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