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Which Ssri Is Best For Anxiety?

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I am currently on zoloft, abilify and neurontin

for my depression and anxiety. My depression

is under complete control but my anxiety is

through the roof. It is usually situational anxiety

but it is making me miserable. I hate to mess

with my meds since my depression is good but

if one of the other ssris is better for anxiety then

I would be willing to give it a try. Any advice is


Thank you and best wishes,


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I'm sorry I don't know enough about these meds to advise or give any experience but I'm sorry you're having so much anxiety right now. i have constant pretty high anxiety too right now and I'm hoping the medications Í'm on willl help. I hope you will feel better soon too. What does your doctor say?

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I am on celexa (citalipram) but I have heard lexapro (escitalipram) is better for anxiety although they are both basically the same drug. Lexapro is just celexa's newer version. So far the celexa has helped curve mine more than any other ssri. I have been on it 5 years, and it is now losing effect :/ Good luck to you! Anxiety is no fun

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Citalipram has worked well for me with anxiety. I am also on abilify and i suspect it restrains a lot of my energy. Do you notice such a condition within yourself . The antidepressant works better than benzos for me. Zoloft revved me but only you know how it is working for you

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