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Is This The Right Kind Of Doctor To Diagnose Me?


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It took me years but i finally went to my doctor today do see if i possibly had depression. After describing some of my symptoms (he stopped me) he said this

'well from the age of 12 till about now (he looks to be late in his fifties perhaps) i have thought i would prefer to be dead and i think that life is not worth living. i have spoken to loads of people who feel the same way about it. I don't think there is anything abnormal with this'.

I was slightly taken aback by this. Also I have a lot of the tell-tale symptoms of depression and i know a lot (ok three) people with depression (two are family members).

Its not as if he dismissed me entirley though. He did say that he did not want me feeling like he wasn't interested so he told me to go away, write down all the things i am feeling that, to me, are abnormal and then make another appointment with him.

Is he right? Is this normal for doctors to think?

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Hi kmhc190894

All doctors have different manners. I cannot really tell from what he said if he is ignorant about depression or just trying to find out if you are being accurate about what you are saying. If he makes you uncomfortable then rather go somewhere else, or write out the list he asked for go back and see what he says. Ultimately psychiatrists are the best bet to see for depression, as they are trained in the field of mental health and a few GP's don't have in depth knowledge of depression and mental illness.


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If you are uncomfortable with what he said I'd definitely go see a new doctor. As Trace said, a psychiatrist is the most knowledgable. My GP diagnosed me, he diagnosed me with depression, though I'm fairly certain I have other conditions as well he didn't go into (dysthymia, social anxiety, avoidant) that a psychiatrist or psychologist would. Fortunately what he prescribed to me is working, else I'd probably go see a specialist myself.

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The best way to deal with it is to talk about it. Don't lock yourself down and it is a got thing to ask for a professional help. I have found one site that might help you, if you aren't sure where to go. This site has all kinds of doctors with description what they do so you can find out what is the best doctor for your condition. Anyway, the site is about types of doctor

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