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Augmenting Medication Will Remove Mental Anxiety/negative Thoughts?

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when i first started taking paroxetine ssri it seemed to work better, it eliminated negative thoughts/thinking. it was amazing.

i was wondering whether this where/why people use augmenting agents. i mean i still have the mental anxiety now but the paroxetine ssri is still controlling sweating and physical symptoms well other than racing heart. i suppose i could have tried a beta blocker.

i was wondering if something like an NDRI such as wellbutrin or reboxetine would/might have helped and whether by augmenting in general people hope to banish ALL of the mental anxiety etc. if thats even possible??

i suppose it comes back to the assumption that antidepressants are not happy pills or a panacea for your depression etc.

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Don't have the answer to your question, but it's interesting and I'd too like to hear some responses. The Paxil has been wonderful at eliminating my anxiety, it's like a big weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Unfortunately I've just gotten a bunch of new responsibilities put on my at work, so I'm feeling anxious again. If i wasn't taking the Paxil I'd be a basket case right now! I'd be totally freaking out, so it's definitely saving me there... but I don't want any anxiety. I'm sick of it, and I'd love to be a zombie for awhile. So now I'm considering asking my pdoc next visit if we can increase the dose. I have Klonopin to take as needed, but unfortunately it has little effect on me.

I can tell you that I was on wellbutrin for a long time and it gave me a bit more energy, but made my anxiety worse. I have no plans to take it again.

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I am amazed at how augmenting my Antidepressants with Abilify has helped my intrusive thoughts & mental anxiety in general. Although my antidepressants (3 of them!) do an OK job of keeping me out of the pits, I still struggle with destructive/intrusive thoughts. Abilify (at 15mg) has completely "quieted" my brain down, if that makes sense, and I attribute most of my mental stability to the presence of an antipsychotic in my cocktail. If anyone is still struggling with mental anxiety and is already on an AD, I highly recommend augmenting it with Abilify, it really has been a godsend for me personally!

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