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Do Beta Blockers Actually Work Is It A Case Of Finding The Right One Like Srris

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hi :)

a friend of mine who has been diaganosed as having general anxiety disorder has been on beta blocker propanolol. i asked him if it helps and he said he didnt feel as though it did. as far as i know he said he takes a single dose.

is he maybe taking it the wrong time of day or is it like ssris where different ones for different people does anybody know anymore on this subject

feeback would be much appreciated

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Hi Wanew

I have been on betablockers before (Inderal) for a high resting pulse rate and it made me completely relaxed and nothing upset me or worried me. I also had no side effects. So in my instance if I had been given it for Anxiety it would have worked on me. I took it in the morning.


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