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Ssri And Beta Blocker

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i have been on paroxetine and have to say it was quite good. made me awake helped sleep better no sweating.

it didnt remove negative thoughts or give confidence but i was forced into a charity shop by the jobcentre and despite being on paroxetine really struggled to walk through the door i had no confidence/was depressed.

it was just horrible even on medication which was working. the worst symptom was the heart pounding out of the chest symptom something at the time paroxetine didnt help with.

i was wondering if i had been on a beta blocker also whether that might have helped with the heart rate. and if its safe to use paroxetine with any beta blocker. if there is better beta blocker. longer lasting one. or if one works best with paroxetine.

would you take a beta blocker everyday if needed.

but the charity work has been helping raise self esteem etc.

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Hi wanew. These are really good questions to ask your doctor, as unfortunately, we are not professionals here at DF, so we can't give out medical advice.

Please see your doc.

Best wishes, and take care.

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