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What Does Medication Actually Do For You

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i was wondering what medication actually does or in what way it helps people. i developed depression when i was 8 and i was constantly tired etc. negative core beliefs etc. didnt like people was a common thought nothing specific just in general and i believe this is because i didnt/dont like myself. i never had any confidence.

when i went to the doctors forced by parents i was put on citalopram which did nothing up to 60mg. i asked to go on paroxetine/seroxat i heard it had bad side effects/withdrawal but i was tired of the suffering. i read it was very good for social anxiety and depression. social anxiety has always been big problem for myself just walking down the street, forced to school, college and uni by parents.

the medication actually made me feel very awake for the first time ever. I believe for the first months it worked best/better then lost some of its effectiveness etc. if that makes sense.

i was forced by jobcentre into charity shop and gradually that has built up my confidence, i am now seeing thoughts and questioning them etc. before the charity shop i would read about positive statements/affirmations etc. but they never seemed to work.

now these good positive thoughts are starting to appear in my mind automatically but it is not due to the medication but the charity shop work. the medication just made/makes me awake it didnt do anything for confidence etc. or give positive thoughts etc.

i apologise for the length of this but i thought it best i describe my experience.

What i really want to know is if a medication has helped anyone and how it has helped in terms of just making you awake or helping with more positive thoughts or both. Thank you i appreciate any feedback.

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I don't think meds help by giving you confidence or anything. That type of thing requires therapy and retraining yourself to think positive, as you said. I think medication just helps make day-to-day life a little easier. It can help people not be overwhelmed by anxiety or crippled by lethargic depression. It's not going to solve your problems. For me, it helps me not be as irritable. I sleep better at night and don't have anxiety attacks like I used to. I still have bad days and there are some things it doesn't help with.

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Hi wanew,

Unfortunately, it's impossible to tell which medication is best for someone, because they work differently for everyone. So the only way to find one that works well for you is to try. None of us here are professionals, but many can share their (successful) experiences with meds. Still, those meds might not have the same effects on you. You can look around our medication rooms if you want to know more about the different meds.

The most common anti-depressants prescribed today are SSRIs, Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors. To understand how they work one needs to know some neurophysical basics. Emotions like happiness, fear or sadness are controlled by signals that "travel through" synapses in the brain. Between a synapse and the target cell is a gap, the so called synaptic cleft. In order for a signal to cross this gap, neurotransmitters are released. Those chemicals can transport the signal across the cleft.

The more neurotransmitters are released, the stronger the signal. If there are not enough neurotransmitters, the signal cannot reach the target cell. Now depression causes the brain to release less of the neurotransmitter that is responsible for emotions like happiness and satisfaction, serotonin. In other words, if there isn't enough serotonin in the synaptic cleft, one feels depressed. So the SSRIs delay the neurotransmitter in the cleft, so that more serotonin remains, and more signals can be transmitted. They inhibit the reuptake into the synapse. This is how they help with depression.

Some SSRIs can be used to treat anxiety as well, and there are other meds that can help with anxiety. It's best to ask your pdoc about it. But like Spiritual Wanderer said, confidence and positive thoughts cannot be granted from the use of medication. For that, you should consider therapy, which teaches ways to achieve positive thinking and better confidence. The meds can help with that too, but it rarely works when one only relies on them. It is a combined treatment that usually works best.

Hope this helps a little.

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hi :)

yes ive noticed that personally the charity shop work in a good environment has helped more than medication !!!

i started to think i was a nice person and it steadily got better from there. i started to realise that it was about giving but then it is still difficult to stand up to nasty people and for myself.

i started to see myself in a more positive light i am too harsh on myself, my own worst enemy. hated myself.

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