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Name Your Goal For This Day/week


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today (since i really cant set any goals for the week beacuse ill never do them)

Go to the hobby shop and look at the models and mabey buy one (one of my favorite things to do....though i havent found the motivation, but mabey today i could..)

Learn some facts about an old sailing Frigate

play with my pet snake

work on the model id promised myself id do months ago.

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Before the end of this week, I need to hand my assignment in so that I don't miss my deadline.

It's already completed...I just need to hand it over :-/

Shouldn't be a hard task but for some reason it is.

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Get through today

Hang in there with this-- what I am to believe is Tardive Dyskinesia

Get ready to be tough with the Neurolgist office,tommorrow, for a appointment this week or I will find another Neurology group that will give me an app.

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My goal is to lose some more weight, I am so close to 3 mini goals.

If I lose:

2lb = I am no longer 'obese'

3lb = 3 1/2 stones loss

4lb = 50lb loss

I am hoping to get all three of these mini goals in the next two weigh ins.

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