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Name Your Goal For This Day/week


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My Goal for tomorrow is....

Figure out how to download apps on an ipad...yikes

Be able to focus on what I am doing, not being judgmental, not overworrying, focus on what's right, don't be so hard on myself

accept my emotions and if something bothers me, don't make it a bad thing, fix it.

Help neighborl

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This thread is just what I need right now, some kind of external accountability.

Goals for this evening:

  • Study and prepare my audio notes.
  • Buy brother & Dad's birthday gifts.
  • Take supplements.
  • Drink enough water.
  • Reply to text messages.

Goals for tomorrow:

  • Get up - get out of bed, make bed, DO NOT GET BACK IN TO BED. Have a shower.
  • Go to my clinical placement, get there on time (9am).
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Try to find time to really relax. Keep getting things done, lists have been helpful.

I plan on not letting social anxiety get in the way of dealing with life's real problems. I notice that whenever a problem arises, I start to worry about other things..

I plan on exercising, and trying to be more patient.

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My main goal today is to observe my thoughts and not take them to seriously. So far, I'm finding a lot of scary stuff going on! Most of these thoughts are just phantoms. I am learning some good things here at Depression Forums! :confusedread: ..... :sigh:

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My goal for the rest of the week is to relax today, finish watching some movies, try to forgive myself for not closing the window that my cat got out of...feeling so guilty.

Friday, go hiking

Saturday spend time with daughter, organize, take care of my dog, have fun

Sunday Color Easter eggs, hide them for my daughter and her relatives, get ready to go back to work.

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My goal for this week:

Keep active and focused at work. Try to do my best and get the best results. Be supportive and let others know they are important, this makes me feel good.

Help my daughter with her homework, with her questions, with her practice, with her schedule

Don't be fearful of things that i don't need to be afraid of.

5k walk on Saturday, daughter's play also

Maybe try to read something.

List the things that I want to happen on my fridge.

Breathe, relax, think about important things, not things that will make me worry or sad. But cry if I need to.. now I sound like a song....ok enough :)

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My goals for the next week:

Get enough sleep every night.

Drink enough water

Keep doing my daily foot massages even when it hurts

Keep looking for job opportunities/Into the paralegal program/scholarships

Keep on top of the house work.

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My goal for this week:

Get ready to register for summer school, pay off last class

Don't get too worried about registering for another class, just do it.

Balance my down time and up time so I don't get too lethargic, stay active but don't over do it.

Remember things that have helped me: I am in control of my emotions, show interest in others and make them feel important, if alarming thoughts come up, see if it is worth worrying over or can I let it go? Is it life threatening or not. When fears come up what can I do to over come them?

Exercise a little, clean a little, post a little,

Try to keep my daughter busy, I really want to put her into a class of some kind, she's so talented.

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My goal for this week:

Stay on task with emotions, don't let my emotions run my life or my fears run my life.

Try to get some exercise this week.

Journal more, since I am feeling some anxiety.

Remember what has helped me in the past, I am in control of my emotions, act interested in others even when I feel like isolating myself, take little breaks to let go of anxiety, remember some positives, not just the negative.

Work, save for the summer, make smart buying choices, have patience and understanding.

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I quit my part time job at the TV station because my boss betrayed my trust completely. That was in February.

Since then I´ve been looking for a new part time job - I have 75% job at the art house cinema and need the 25% or more to cover.

I intend to keep applying this week, I send out about 7- 10 letters every week so I have to keep doing it.

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This is what I do weekly...

I set myself 2-4 daily goals and rate how well I've done at the end of the day, and overall at the end of the week.

Even if I feel I've not had the best of weeks, I feel better if I have managed to complete above 60% of the tasks I set out to.

Today I set myself 2 - get ready and go to meet my brother.

I have just about managed to get ready.

Now just to make myself leave the house... :unsure:

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