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Stopped Taking Celexa For Lexapro - Can I Switch Back To Celexa?

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Hi all -

New to the forums.

I started 10mg of Celexa in Dec 2011 to combat exhaustion. No other depression symptoms, other than minor anxiety, but none the less my GP diagnosed me with depression and started me on Celexa ... Citalopram to be exact, 10mg/day.

After 4 weeks on 10mg I felt no change in my exhaustion. No changes at all, actually. I was bumped to 20mg. Within 2 weeks on 20mg (now 6 weeks in) I did feel a dramatic improvement in my energy level, my motivation at work, etc. This all happened with no change to my sleep schedule, diet etc.

All was good. Until I experienced the sexual side effects... decreased libido and inability to ejaculate.

I stayed the course until the middle of March. Frustrated, I visited my doc. He had me step down 20mg/10mg alternating days for 4 weeks. This brough me to April 15th at which point I was switched from Citalopram to Lexapro, 10mg.

I've been on Lexapro 10mg now for 2 weeks. I feel more tired than before I took any SSRI! I am waking up after sleeping for 8 hr straight feeling extremely exhausted. My motivation at work has reverted back to how it was pre-Citalopram. I am noticing too that I am waking up to my alarm in the middle of intense dreams. For that reason, I believe Lexapro is delaying my REM and not allowing me to get the deep sleep-post REM stage that I need. I am taking the Lexapro, as I did the Citalopram, in the morning. The good news in all of this is that my sexual side effects have gone away.

My questions are:

1) Should I stay the course with Lexapro for another week or two and potentially have to deal with this extreme exhaustion, or is it not likely to correct itself?

2) If I ask to go back on Citalopram, can I stop the Lexapro 10mg cold turkey (been on it 2 weeks) and pick up Citalopram 10 or 20mg?

3) If yes to question 2, will it take the full 4-6 weeks to have the positive effects of Citalopram again, or will it be faster this time since I've only been off of it for 2 weeks?

Thanks for the answers all.


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Hi all:

I have an updated. Another GP from my practice called me back in lieu of my primary being unreachable this week.

He couldn't answer my question on whether or not I would feel improvement if I stay the course with the Lexapro. He recommend I stop taking it and switch back to the Citalopram because normally side effects such as exhaustion get better over the first 2 weeks, not worse as in my case.

He suggested I go with 10mg Citalopram to see if in a month's time I notice improvement. He did say that unfortunately, despite having only been off Citalopram for 2 weeks, that it could take 4-6 weeks again for full improvement. A bit of a bummer ...

He also said I can stop the 10mg Lexapro immediately without tapering.

Anyone have any comments on his recommendations?

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Hey, i would definetly taper the lexapro down before making the switch. Even get down to 2.5mg for a week then stop for 3 days and start the citalopram. They are in the same drug family but do need to be transitioned like any other meds.

Im kind of in the same boat as you starting citalopram 10mg 4 weeks ago. I was on nothing for 6 months, previously to that i was on citalopram for 7 years at 20mg and felt pretty good. I have the option to try lexapro but don't think i could handle the anxiety from it.

When you increased to 20, were you able to feel emotions? Excitement for things etc? I find it makes me almost like a functioning robot. Might also be that my dose is too low and they are depression issues not being dealt with.

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