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Should I Go To The Hospital?


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Don't have to read it all, it's kind of long, but this is how I've been feeling. I dont know what to do any more, do you think I should go to the hospital?

I spend most of my time crying now. I can’t stop it, Everything makes me cry. Thinking about leaving my bedroom makes me cry, thinking of my life makes me cry, thinking of nothing makes me cry. I’m almost constantly depressed. I feel like such a waste of space. I can’t leave the house any more. I hate how I look, I’ve gained 15 pounds. I feel like a pathetic loser, when I’m not feeling numb. My clothes don’t fit anymore, I look horrible. Even dad noticed, asked why I looked so bad. I’m totally worthless. I don’t want to go outside ever again. I know it now, I’ll never have a normal life. I’m going to be this way forever, my life is over. I’ve given up, I’m never going to be truly happy again. I feel sorry for my boyfriend, he has to see me like this every day. I’m obsessed with death, everywhere I look everything I think has something to do with death. Violent thoughts, just going to the mall I pictured 3 different car crash scenarios one of which involved me having to cut off my own arm. Even just sitting in bed I think of death, I’m not scared like I used to be, in a way. I used to be scared of even thinking about it. Now it doesn’t bother me anymore. I don’t want to think these things, I can’t just stop, they don’t go away, it’s like it’s not me thinking them, it’s someone else thinking them for me.

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I admitted myself to a mental health center in October 2011. It's the first real help I went to and I definitely do not regret my choice. It was like a vacation from the depressed life. There was no judgement, you didn't have to fake being happy, and there were people who understood. I think it's beneficial and you won't stay in for long if you take all the help they give you. Honestly it was one of the best decisions I had ever made in my life. I recommend it to people who are considering going. Just make sure you look into the facility you're thinking about going to.

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Well, I think you need to talk to your parents about getting some sort of help. I don't know if going to the hospital would be best, or arranging an appt for you with a Psychiatrist. YOu will have to discuss that with your parents and get them to help you make a decision. But, yes, you need to do something because I can see you are suffering quite badly.

Your life doesn't have to be this way! With therapy and possibly meds, you can have a contented happy life.

Please talk to you parents!

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Hello Geist,

I know what you're feeling, I have the same thoughts as you. Do you have a pdoc you can call?

It sounds like your thoughts are out of control and I would definitely seek help, to get you through this.

My thoughts have spiraled out of control many times and I know when I need help. You are not alone, reach out and let the professionals guide you through this.

Good luck and keeps us posted.

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