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Talking About It Too Much?


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You ever feel like you talk about your problems too much with people in your social circle?

I mean, when it comes to me and my issues, I don't mind talking about them. Most of the time, when I'm feeling down, talking about it makes me feel better. But sometimes I feel like I talk it about it so much, it's offsetting to many people that I do like. Of course they say, 'it's ok' or 'don't worry about it', but I think my biggest fear is that talking about it too much will eventually push people away from me. Some people have gotten to that point where they tell me to just get over it. My worry is losing what little friends and family I do have left.

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Yes I understand what you mean. I could talk about my issues it all day cause my mind is so full of it. I do have great ppl around me though who DO tell me to stop because it's just not fun to them. For me sometimes talking about it is good but I know I'm not doing myself a favour by always talking about it and the ppl around me neither. Someone close told me straight up once it was affecting her too then and she just didn't wanted to talk about it all the time anymore. I felt very upset, mad actually, how dare you say that! But when I thought about it for a while I understood and was gratefull she told me that. Because it made me realize it does ppl turn ppl off honestly. So I'm doing my best now not talking about it too much anymore and I can tell you that it really helps me feeling better. Because for me not talking about it means I think about it less :)

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Hi Cochere,

At this stage do not worry too much about talking 'too much' about how you feel. It isw important that you can share how you feel with those people who you are close too,.

Do your best to listen and contrubite to the conversation about others so as you get a balanced conversation. If your friends already know you are having mental health issues then try your best to limit repeating yourself.

I know this was also a problem for me as well when I was severely depressed.

Do you best to get better. If you are on ineffective medication do ask your Doctor to review it .

Best Wishes

Take good care of yourself

Jim Bow

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Hi Kochore,

I understand your need to talk about your depression, but people that haven't experienced it think we can just "snap out of it".

Most of the people I know have no idea what I'm going through and wouldn't understand it. I've been dealing with this for over 20 yrs, and have learned how to disguise myself, as a happy go lucky person.

I talk to the people who are close to me, they understand what I'm going through and are there to help me.

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