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How Many Personality Disorders?

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I'm checking it right now, thanks for your reply Trace. But for schizophrenia, isn't it a psychotic disorder only? Does it fall into the category of personality disorders as well?

The ones I heard about were (more than 6 actually)

- schizotypical

- paranoid

- schizoid

- antisocial

- histrionic

- narcissistic

- borderline

- dependant

- obsessive-compulsive (I'm confused about this one. Because I've learned that OCD was an anxiety disorder, not a personality disorder...)

- avoidant

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Now that I think about it, I've started another thread in the OCD section because I've known a girl who had OCD but it wasn't about washing her hands and being obsessive over things being clean, her OCD was making her being an extreme perfectionnist, her biggest fear was failure in general, she absolutely wanted and needed to be successful in life and she was obsessively worrying about not having money while she was already wealthy. She also was speaking English in an extremely proper manner and always needed to be in control of any situation.

I'm having a pamphlet about personality disorders and the description that I am reading about the obsessive-compulsive personality disorder matches the description I've just made of that girl. She really had that ''kind'' of OCD. So if I am understanding well, and correct me if I am wrong, but the washing hands and cleanness obession is an anxiety disorder (obsessive-compulsive disorder) and the people who fall into the kind of obsessions that that girl had have obsessive compulsive personnality disorder?

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Here's what it says for obessive-compulsive personnality disorder :

''People with an obsessive-compulsive disorder are excessively concerned with details and rules to follow, tend to be perfectionnist (whcih, in turn, prevents them from completing tasks), are principled and rigid on moral issues, tend to focus on work at the expense of leisure, give and spend reluctantly, and need to be greatly in control of their environnement.''

This is the perfect description of that girl who got diagnosed with OCD. I'm just confused about whether it is a personality disorder or an anxiety disorder.

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OCD is not the same as OCPD, you have probably read the wikipedia entries of each illness, so I will just tell you a few details, now of course I am also another fellow sufferer who read a lot, not a qualified professional in any way!

OCD falls into the Axis-1 section of the DSM, it is primary an anxiety disorder, it has its own diagnosis guideline and its own approach of treatment, this OCD however may differs from a person to another, some suffer from what professionals call a "pure O", it means no compulsions, just obsessive thoughts, however this may not indicate that this is an OCPD, it is also important to note that OCD can be highly treated with medications without therapy (now of course, CBT is always recommended for a more effective treatment!)

As for OCPD, this is found in Axis-2 of the DSM with the rest of the personality disorders you've mentioned, it is usually not diagnosed before the age of 18, as the personality is still developing before such age, but of course, one may be diagnosed with OCPD before 18! The primary treatment of OCPD is therapeutic!

Of course, the 2 illnesses are often confused among sufferers and non-sufferers for having a similar name, also confused among professionals for many similar symptoms! Some people may suffer from both disorders at the same time!

I myself suffer from BPD (borderline) and OCD!

I hope I was a bit helpful,


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I have not read Wikipedia ;)

Yes, I have read that you could have OCPD without necessarily having OCD. But you can suffer both at the same time but they are two different illnesses.The girl I was talking about got diagnosed at a very young age though (14 maybe even before that), I have read the description of OCPD and this is EXACTLY what she was. The description perfectly matches her, it's incredible... I've read her posts for almost three years. I have to say that all the members of her family had mental disorders as well which might explain why she got diagnosed at such an early age... She already had obsessive tendencies as a kid.

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I have to say that the girl I am talking about was refusing to have any form of treatment. Therapy and medication. She was managing her illness by thinking about it as less as possible. Most people would not notice that her behavior was a disorder but everybody would notice that she was very different from the majority... very untypical girl. But I had a very intense argument with her in 2010 (I won't get into details but it was very intense...) and ever since, she has changed, she's a lot more empathetic, she's not so rigid anymore on moral values but she obviously still have tendencies but she became a lot more ''human'' than she used to be when she was in her teen years. She toned it down a lot. We don't talk anymore but I appreciate her a lot more today.

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