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Physical Symptoms Of Depression

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I have read a lot of symptoms in depression.

But I have trouble with eye sight. Like it feels weird and strained like wind goes over the eye ball. :(

is this part of depression?

I also feel numb which causes the pain to be more excruciating then ever and pain killer don't help. nothing does it seems. :(

I also ask my self why i do anything any more like i can be doing something and out of the blue ask my self why am I doing this?

Nothing has any point to it and something that is exciting to one person isn't the same to the other (even though I know everyone

has his/her own liking).

anyway, thats bout it.

any help?

my mind feels blank all the time which is why i always ask why i am i doing this? I always feel like my mom is telling me lies because i have seen things and she always seems wrong. :( Plus when I start talking i can never shut up and I don't know why.

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Your eye problems could be an issue with depression or you need a full eye exam to rule out any other things that could be affecting your vision.

If your eyes hurt and you're using pain medication, that can also cause vision problems.

The other part of your post does have strong correlation to depression. Are you currently in treatment with a mental health practitioner?If not, you should seek someone out.


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Hi Just_1_person,

Physical manifestations can either feed depression/anxiety/paranoia or the depression/anxiety can make physical problems worse or harder to cope with. There are many studies out there that link depression/anxiety to problems like irritable bowel syndrome, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue syndrome, and high blood pressure. Anxiety can also bring on a pounding heart, tightness in the chest and difficulty breathing. I have diabetes, high blood pressure, and joint problems and they definitely feed my depression and anxiety and make the pain worse. Pain pills alone do not work. Often you need medication for depression and anxiety.

However, that being said, it is always a good idea to check with a doctor on any physical symptoms you may be having because they may be something that requires medical attention, rule out an illness, etc. You wouldn't want to let something go that requires medical attention.

Please talk to your doctor about your depression and possibly get meds/seek counseling if you haven't already..

Wishing you the best...

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i don't believe in anything anybody says any more. it is hard for me to believe anybody or anything.

I just feel like everything is pish posh. but know i think it's depression. i just feel angry in the head all the time i guess because i don't like anything. i make bracelets after bracelets and feel like its a waste of time. everything feels like a waste of time, including life itself. I mostly stayed in bed all day and ate stuff and drank orange juice. i just hate feeling like this. i worry a lot too. i invited my friend to come to vegas with us in 44 days and i'm worried that i'll make a fool of myself.

i just feel like i am wondering.

my dad says show her everything. What is everything?

I just feel lost by myself and highly don't know what to expect. My friend and i met online and talk through letters/text/facebook etc. i just worry what she will think of me when we meet. :(

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In my daily life i just feel like nothing is worth anything.

i used to be so close to my parents but now i see them as roommates and that every time my mom says "just try to meditate" i get more agitated because I can't focus on anything except pure worry. People give me advice but it literally goes through one ear and other the other. They also have to repeat things to me. I hate doing the laundry because it's 2 flights of stairs but because i am so agitated with clothes and like only a few things I hate having other people wash my clothes. I am picky and have to them via cold water and every time my mom touches my stuff "it was by accident." oh i just go into her room and grab her stuff "by accident".

BS. We used to be so close but now i just feel like there are too many coincidences that it can't be true.

i just have trouble deciding what to have for dinner, like if i was given a choice between pasta and pizza (both are favorites) i dont know what i would want and since i can't make any permenate decisions i get upset.

When i tell her i don't know what to do, my mom says "just do what I tell you to do," which makes me feel more agitated because I'm not a freaking robot.

i just want to die.

i don't know what i am supposed to do any more.

i watch the news and sometimes its about sex offenders and stuff but i love going to arcade to play the games but i feel like i'm too old cause of other people.

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I feel like I have always had depression. But now I just feel like it really took a toll, because I feel like I was 10+ years ago but everyone I know have moved on with their lives.

My friend I have known since 1996 is moving in with a bf, my california friend is living with roommates she cant stand. I guess I just imagined how I wanted my life to be and I thought it was easy like I'm going to turn out like my parents -married and have children.

But @ 25 I feel old and I don't know how to have fun. I used to have fun like by myself with an imagination. Now I don't have that. I can't lose myself in books or movies any more. It's like "Megan, you've been happy for this long, it has to stop." Its like I didn't face reality that I was growing up. I thought my life would change for the better with college, but it got worse, but I was able to cope with it by having fun by myself after the incident but now I just wish I had the same happy stories that I read about couples meeting in college falling in love. I never really been in love. I had crushes but never acted upon them.

I just feel like everyone is against me...including myself.

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