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Welcome littlesteps to th depression forum.

I think you will find that the df is a great place to hang out, learn alot about your condition, get and give feedback. I personally have benefited frim the forum in so many ways. I feel like just being able to vent and talk about my problems in a safe place,away from the judgmental world and stigmas people attach to mental illness is so relieving. I hope you end up feeling the same.

Take your time, take a look around, participate.

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:welcomeani: to DF LittleSteps!

I fully agree with DreamAgain, this is a wonderful place to receive and give support. Most people without mental illness have no idea how we feel and therefore judge us, but I always feel understood here. I hope you will find DF helpful. Please make yourself at home, I'm looking forward to hearing more from you.

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