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Obsession/anxiety About Face

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Has anyone here had any obsessions about their face?

The OCD episode I'm going through right now has to do with anxiety about my face. It started when I was looking at various pictures of myself and they all looked completely different to me, i.e. my face looks very different in each photo, and I don't have a "unifying" idea of what I look like, if that makes sense. I started worrying if there's something unusual about my face; I reminded myself that if that was the case, then people wouldn't recognize me, but they do, so I must look a certain way. I can recognize myself in pictures, and I have an idea of what I look like, but for some reason, all the photos look completely different, rather than the same, and this has preoccupied me the past few days. Of course, I have a clear idea of what other people look like, but I can't see myself other than in the photos.

Another issue I'm worrying about, no matter how silly it sounds, is that the left and the right sides of my faces don't "match" i.e. I look slightly different from the left side than from the right side. I looked in the mirror, and the perception of myself that I have from the "left" side is different than the one on the "right" side. I was wondering if that was contributing to my different impressions of myself in pictures.

Very silly stuff and it's not even comfortable for me to write about it, but the distress this is causing me is unbelievable.

I am resisting medications at the moment for various reasons. I was on Luvox for a few years long ago, but the doctor told me that now I'd need to get regular blood tests for it because Luvox is now known to have some risks. But even apart from that I don't want the weight gain and constipation that I've experienced on SSRIs.

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Hi ukw1980,

I haven't had an obsession with my face, but I can relate to what you say about pictures of yourself. My face always looks different, but I'm the only one who thinks it does. I've never asked anyone about this, but I think many people feel the same about their photos. That is (like you suspected) because the halves of your face are never equal. So it's no wonder the sides of your face don't "match". Nobody's do.

I'm sorry it is causing you so much distress, and I understand that you won't be able to simply stop obsessing your face. But I can assure you that it's perfectly normal. Too bad the Luvox didn't work for you, it helps me a lot with several parts of my OCD. I get very little of the side effects, but if I gained weight because of it, I wouldn't want to take it either. Have you tried other SSRIs? Not all have the same side effects. Hope you'll find something and hopefully you'll be able to overcome this obsession. :console:

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Thanks for the response. I suspected that some other people had this feeling too, of always looking "different" every time in every photo.

But the thing is, the fear I have, is that I look drastically different to the extent that it's almost a different person from the left side vs. the right side. This got me thinking whether one side didn't develop properly or something. I mean, when I look at the right side, I perceive a mature and calm person, and from the left side, a much younger and carefree person. Sounds crazy, maybe I'm imagining it because I can't really see myself from the outside, but it's very weird and really distressing. Has anyone tried looking at their left vs. right faces in profile view and comparing the emotions/perceptions one sees, whether they're the same?

Anyway, I've really been tying myself up "in knots" over this.

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Yes, I've had an obsession about my face for years. I can't seem to stop looking in the mirror and obsessing about what I see..

Sometimes I look normal. other times I don't recognize myself.

From what I've been told, it's a form of Body Dysmorphic Disorder.

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I have a big problem with my face. I have felt this way for quite a few years and it's just horrible. I hate taking photos and if I do, I only take them on the left side of my face, I NEVER take photos on the right side. I usually take like 50 photos and keep 5 and delete the rest.

People tell me there's nothing wrong with me, but I don't believe them. I mean, nobody is going to tell you, that you are ugly. My right side seems droopy to me, my eye seems droopy as well. The corner of my mouth seems to curve up more than the left side. My jawline isn't the same on both sides. My teeth are all crooked and I have fang teeth. I plan on getting Invisalign in the next 2 months. I always wonder if I'll feel prettier with straight teeth. I don't like my nose either, and I have like holes in my nose, I think they are open pores and I have to wear makeup to cover them. I always wear eyeliner, I hate my eyes without it. Even with makeup on, I feel ugly. I always get breakouts on my chin area, not big ones, but they stay on my face for weeks. I think I get them from stressing out so much.

I prefer my left side, but honestly, I think I am ugly all over. I hate it so much, I don't know what to do about it. I hate my face. Everytime I look in the mirror, I try to find beauty, but I don't.

I avoid social interaction in person, because of it. I currently like a guy ALOT, but he is very attractive and I feel like I am too ugly to even have a chance with him, even though he likes me for who I am, I haven't met him in person. I take ages to get ready to go somewhere, even if it is just to the grocery store. I often change my clothes a few times and look at myself in the mirror a heap of times and end up crying, because I feel so ugly. Sometimes I just stay home. I'm alot better with that now then I used to be, but even if I do go into a public place, I am so scared that people will think I am ugly. I know it's silly and that looks shouldn't be so important, but they are. I don't want to be a supermodel, I just want to be and feel pretty enough to walk out the door. Sometimes I like to think I am pretty, but then I look in the mirror and my heart sinks.

I don't know what this is, but I am actually pretty glad I found this thread, it's not a nice feeling at all, and I don't wish it on anyone, but it is nice to know I am not alone. I don't know if I wrote this in the correct thread, but it's good to talk about it.

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Hi Ikkin,

Your experience is so much like mine, I never know what I'm going to see when I look in the mirror.

Some days I feel I'm so ugly, I can't go outside. I wish I knew what was causing this,as it creates so much anxiety.

I've been on so many different meds and nothing has helped, I start therapy next week, to try to get to the root of the problem.

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