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Relationships Haven't Been Good For Me

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I have never had a successful relationship with a man in my life, no where close. Very awful. I've given up on that a ways back now and don't hope for it so much anymore. But, it is still sad when I watch a happy movie or see my happy sister, etc... I isolate myself very much. It has been safer that way for me. But, this much isolation over such a long time-frame, can't be good for me. I really do have so much to give. I just haven't found a safe outlet yet. Just thinking aloud here.

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I can relate. I have had two relationships in my 39 years and both were awful to be honest. I know the grass looks greener on the other side and especially when your on your own. I think you will find someone in time, like you say you feel you have a lot to give so thats a good starter

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