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Anyone Need Someone To Talk Too? I Sure Do...

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I'm just super effin bummed right now have been for a few days now that I'm off my meds. I'm really lonely because I don't have any friends, since i scared them away with my suicide attempts. I have one, but she's so far away and barely see her, and she's bipolar so I don't like to put her down with my problems because I feel like she has it worse ya know? Well anyway if anyone just wants to talk, I'm awake, I'm here ready to listen, talk, support :hugs:

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Hi ivy whispers and welcome to DF!

It's really nice that you're offering support, I'm sure you're not the only one here who is feeling lonely. It can be very difficult to maintain friendships when they cannot understand your problems, but if your friend is bipolar, she should be able to relate. I don't think you would drag her down, I always want to support my friends when they are feeling bad, even if I'm having a hard time myself. And you seem to be very caring, so I'm sure you could both profit from talking to each other.

Apart from that, you can always join conversations on these forums, or start your own. Our members are very understanding and you are not alone with us. Please make yourself at home.


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