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Hi, My Names Jane, Im New And In Need Of Advice Or Help

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Hello, im a 26 yr old female, i've been depressed ever since child hood, i get extreme highs and extreme lows, the highs are magical but the low's have had me close to suicide on every occasion.

i have been on fluoxetene for almost a year now, going onto it was horriffic, i was nervously shaking in bed, crying, had insomnia and intense suicidal thoughts for 2 months, now i feel ok, i feel pretty sedated, my highs don't really happen and my lows aren't too bad, but i still feel depressed, lacking in confidence, and just want to sleep alot, my bed is my haven. could you give me any advice, should i switch medication? to be honest with you i can't remember a time when i was consistantly happy ever, so i don't know if im just doomed to never feel happy or if i should switch to at least get some of my highs back, i was once on citralopram but i think i gave it up before i gave it time to take any effect as i 'didn't want to take anti-depressants' now i do want to take them, i want to feel better rather than constantly visualise dying

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Hello Princess Leia and welcome to DF,

You should definitely talk with your doctor about possibility of going back on citralopram and see what he thinks. It really does take meds time to take a full therapuetic effect. Meds can only do so much. The rest is left for you to do the work necessary to move forward, make changes, and live a more fulfilling life. We have some great resources in the Psy Ed 101 Room with information on Mindfulness, CBT and DBT. These forms of therapies can help you with those intrusive thoughts which hold you back.

We are glad to have you a part of DF and hope you find the encouragement and support you need. Make yourself comfortable.


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Hello Linda

I do try very hard to be happy, i've moved to London with nice people, have made a decision not to drink much, have started going to church, am volunteering at a childrens farm, do a internship in festival events, and work at a restaurant.

My close friends know about my depression, but everyone else thinks im this happy little thing as i try to be as optimistic and bubbly as i can. I was offered CBT by my doctor, but the wait was ridiculous, i had to wait 3 months for my turn finally had my assessment, my next appointment was a 2 month wait which they cancelled without calling me so i had to wait another 2 months and then moved house :(

does anyone know anything about meds? is it ok to leave a prozac to go on a non-prozac? am i unhappy still because i haven't found the right med?

is the CBT online? that would be great as its such a slow slow process getting an appointment especially now i've moved

Thanks so much for your help and advice


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Hi Princess Leia,

I'm not sure if this will help but when I was first diagnosed I was on fluoxetine for about a year and it actually exacerbated the condition. I assumed that perhaps it was a case of "There's only so much that meds can do" for so long but eventually my doctor decided to switch me to sertraline and that was a revelation. It didn't make me better in the sense of being a cure but it allowed me to start rebuilding my life and my sense of self so gradually the depression lifted. It has recurred with varying degrees of severity since but each time it goes beyond a certain point I can go back to the doctor knowing what I need to ask for and feeling like the situation isn't going to be impossible forever.

Penny x

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Oh, also I had a course of CBT and the therapist mentioned that the NHS choices website linked to some online resources. I followed a few links to see if I could find what she meant and I think it was this. It needs you to register but I think there might be workbooks or exercises on there?

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