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Hello, I Am New & Looking For Any Support

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My name is Ally and I am 24 years old, I am here because I have been suffering from depression, social anxiety, and panic attacks. I have lived with social anxiety and panic attacks since I was seven years old and used breathing and meditation techniques to try and slow down the episodes.

It’s been recent since I have had more attacks that are keeping me away from living life to the fullest. I know I need help and using all the courage I can find to try and seek it. I hope to find others here just like me, where we can just all support each other and fight this.

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Hello Ally,

Welcome to DF. You will find a lot of help here and people to listen to your concerns and offer help.

Sorry to hear about the depression and anxiety. Do you have treatment for those? You could consider seeing a doctor who may offer medication or therapy.

I was only diagnosed with depression recently and I am waiting for my medication to take effect, but I have found a lot of helpful advice on this site. I want to find out more about breathing and meditation, you are way ahead of me on that one.

There are lots of forums with information, so take your time and look around for what you find helpful.

And as for finding a place where we all support each other and fight this..... you have found the right place here.


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Hello Ally and welcome to DF,

You are certainly in the right place. DF is a wonderful place to be among other who suffer with mental health illnesses like yourself. Members are kind and supportive and don't mind listening and encouraging you along the way. You'll also find tons of resources on site so make yourself comfortable, browse around and I hope you find the help you need.


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