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Emotions And Wellbutrin


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I've been struggling with depression and anxiety for going on 2 years now..

My anxiety is betterish but I'm still completely emotionless Ans have been for 16 months or so.. apart from anger now and worry I feel nothing... I've read that Wellbutrin can help get me feeling again and was curious if anyone had this issue and if Wellbutrin helped .. I'm on sertraline for anxiety also

Any input appreciated



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Hi Lemon,

I'm on Wellbutrin and have been for years. Its one of my ADs. It very stimulating and can cause anxiety for some, so not everyone can tolerate it. I suffer with anxiety but take an anti-anxiety med on an as needed basis when its severe. Again, as with it other meds Wellbutrin is not easily tolerated by some. It works for me though.


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I'm on sertraline for anxiety it helps but being emotionless causes my anxiety too because I feel so unreal makes me feel like I'm crazy LOL I know it sounds silly... but I used to be full of emotion and I mean I got super excited about things like can't sleep kind of excited.. and if a song I liked was on the radio I felt it Ans now good or bad I just don't seen to care no emotion for me.

Sorry about the lack of punctuation I'm using my cell phone

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