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Support For Partner Living With Someone With Depression And Mental Health Issues

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Hi guys,

I have had depression most of my life, I've identified it, and am dealing with it - most people know now (friends and family) and the meds keep me up. Still going through NHS hoops to get the right help - but that's another story.

My partner of 10 yrs is struggling to know what to do. He gives me advice - but It's from his head and how he feels. I think he needs some coping mechanisms himself and learn what not to say, how to encourage and how to deal with things when I'm bad. He's in it for the long run. I want to try and point him in the right direction to get some help on how to deal with me when I'm bad or just generally without making me feel worse.

At the moment, only people who have had depression and anxiety seem to understand what I'm going through and I think he needs some help, resources, things he can read.

I'm building him an online notebook of links or places he can go to understand as an outsider of my illness - he's not depressed but he says I'm making him depressed!

Any advice? Sticky's on this forum? Websites for help? How does your other half cope? I've told him to look at my 'Mind over Mood' book and DF but not sure if that's the best advice for him.

Thanks xx

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Hey, don't know if I can help but I'd love to know some of the links you find. My husband of 30 years just "got it" about my depression even though it's been at the center of our lives for all those years. His recent health problems and my reactions finally got through to him. Now he wants to know what he can do to help. I'm dealing with depression and the anxiety but I am bipolor with recently more than 2 manic episodes a month and ocd issues. I worry about directing him to wonderful sites like this yet until he is eased in. His bush with the afterlife came in the form of a major heart attack almost one year ago so he's still on the mends from triple bi-pass and stints and defib inplant. I'm worried because his heart attack showed itself as a major panic attack so he was put on anti-depressives after release from the hospital. I am so happy he wants to help but i was his constant companion during the hospital stay (I only left to get supplies) so I don't want to risk his healing in any way.

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