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Wellbutrin Withdrawal

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Hi all,

I came off Wellbutrin completely about 7 weeks ago.

I was on 300mg XL for close to 2 years, came down to 150mg over the Summer and quit completely just before X-mas.

During week 2 I was completely wiped out, which I expected. I had this going on when I tapered to 150mg as well.

Apart from the increased fatigue in the first few weeks I feel like my body's completely messed up. I gained about 15 pounds during the last 6 months. This partly makes sense because I do eat more than before. But I've also been working out 3 times a week over the last month and a half but keep on gaining weight. I've been having these hunger spells. In fact I even had to get up a few times over night (including this morning 2 am) because of an empty stomach and feeling all weak. It's like my metabolism's all messed up.

Also, I stopped having my periods about 3 months ago (pregnancy ruled out). Normally I'm very regular when it comes to periods but I feel like since being/ having been on Wellbutrin I became irregular and now my periods stay out completely.

Does anyone recognize any of this?

I keep struggling with fatigue, concentration issues, etc. which probably is not med or depression related. I possibly have chronic fatigue.

I had some blood work done but nothing seemed too much out of the ordinary. I was a bit low on iron though. But hormonally (cortisol, oestrogen, testosterone,...) everything seemed to be within normal level. I have a appointment scheduled with my gynecologist though.

Mind you, I do think Wellbutrin's been helping my depression. I don't want this to scare of people who just started on this med.

Any feedback would be great. Thanks in advance.


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