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I finally subscribed after reading different topics and always wanting to jump in. I have been "at this" now for about 26 years, but it was only 10 years ago I was finally diagnosed with bi polar disease. I feel like an old hat at this, but why can't I get a grip on it? I am STILL in the midst of a depression, getting out of major depression, and I suspect one of the medicines and or the depression has made my mind Swiss cheese. I am 44, single mother, unemployed at the moment and just can't get it together to get back to work. Kids are 12, 11 and 10. And we have a typical love hate relationship due to my poor parenting skills as a manic depressive. It just seems like I have finally gotten off the roller coaster and am dealing with the devastation and seeing my life and who I am for the first time. I feel ... Arrrrggggghhhh...frustrated. And it scares me.

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Hi Alinpv,

Welcome to DF. Sorry to hear that you are going through such a tough time at the moment . Your children are all at that age when it does get hetic, love and hate and so on. Just give them a lot of appreciation and love as much as you can.

I do hope your medicatrion kicks in soon and that you will begin to feel better overall in tiime. I do hope that you have some friends that can help out sometimes as it is a real benefit.

Do you get sufficieent support from your local community, link worker or social worker.

Do try and get as many services on your side as you need it.

Best Wishes

Jim Bow

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Hello Alinpv and welcome to DF,

Suffering with bipolar can like riding a rollercoaster sometimes. Many times in the mist of an episode you make decisions which may set you back and create more problems. I am glad you are stable and able to analyze your situation and work on improving those things you can. I encourage you to seek more support so you can cope better during those challenging times.

We are glad to have you a part of DF and hope you find the experiences of others encouraging and resources helpful. Make yourself comfortable and keep us abreast on your progress.


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