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Gratitude - Mention At Least Three Things You


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20 hours ago, JD4010 said:

Having another rough day, so I gotta be grateful...

Reasonably easy access to the only medication that truly works for me.

Even at 60, my vision is good.

I'm not sleeping in a gutter somewhere (yet).

And you are not going to have to.

Work that is supposedly coming up. 

Being able to be good to myself yesterday by increasing my knowledge.

A good night's rest.

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That my mom's eyes still light up when she sees me, which I'd like to think means she still knows who I am.

That my sister has been going with me to see Mom so it's not so scary to go to that place.

That my sister invited us over for dinner tomorrow night and my husband is working a day shift so we can both go. 

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Received a good amount of Christmas & holiday cards.

Almost done with my Christmas & Hanukkah shopping.

My husband's off tomorrow so I should be able to go back to bed after walking Etta, and then I don't really have anywhere I have to be at any particular time.

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My peers who are willing to share their struggles even when sometimes it seems pointless to do so

Streaming music available wherever whenever 

The help I've been able to ask for and receive this year

The help I've been able to give this year 



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Conveniently located dollar store that took ten minutes to get to, so even though it was raining, I was able to stay calm and get back without incident. And also get everything I needed to complete my Christmas shopping--and some groceries too--for affordable prices.

The powers-that-be decided to let my husband get the boot for his fractured foot. We're going the day after Christmas to get his cast taken off and replaced with the boot. Luckily the orthopedist is easy to get to and close to my Dad's place so we'll just spend Christmas night at Dad's and then go the next day.

My husband has been able to make his sales goals despite his injury. We're not going to suffer the financial hit I thought we would. *knock on wood*



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