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Gratitude - Mention At Least Three Things You


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Clean drinking water

A bed in a waterproof room

Not going hungry

These things seem simple, but I"m aware of how close to homelessness many of us are every day. That doesn't help with our mental health, obviously, but I'm still grateful for what I have while I've got it.

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My cousin and my sister's mother-in-law generously donated to my Alzheimer's walk fundraiser. :hearts:

4 piece nuggets.

My Sandalwood & Vanilla candle. I never knew I needed these two scents together until now. Also, candles are so soothing: watching the flame, feeling the warmth when I hold it near my hand or face, and inhaling the scent.


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My mother & sister's support lately and doing their very best to help me all they can.

My cat who always finds a way to make me laugh and smile even if he's  being a little butt.

My step father & father who helps me as well supports me the same as my mother and sister do. Even though they're not too involved like my mother and sister are I still can go to them anytime and they'll help me best they can.




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