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From Vyvanse To Adderall Xr

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Hi I am a 20 year old male college student. I know that I have had adhd my whole life, thank God I finally got diagnosed. Over the years I have been on a few different meds besides stimulants.

Lexapro and Ativan really helped my anxiety, but really just made me an extremely forgetful lazy constantly laughing bum.

The doc decided to take out Lexapro, and WOW did that make a difference. I never knew what depression was until I was off Lexapro.

After being off Lexapro I felt constantly tired and still very forgetful and non-existent motivation to do anything.

I went on Wellbutrin and am very happy I did!!!

Wellbutrin 300mg was great but I had side effects and felt it was too high and didnt want to get a tolerance from it. So being the paranoid person that I am I lowered the dose to 150mg. Once I got "adjusted" to it it has been great ever since. Occasional sad days but thats not the medications fault. Wellbutrin has become a must have for me and I can not go without it. I HAVE TRIED and my family tried to cheer me on to keep me happy but I felt as if I was the worst, most non important person ever. I felt like I was a lazy moocher that everyone doesnt like.

I went back on to Wellbutrin 150mg and I am happy, for the most part =)

Anyways back to the Vyvanse. At first I had tried ritalin and it made me feel like I was on coke.. lol and it only lasted about 8 hours per pill.

Then I tried Adderall and it helped A LOT. The Adderall lasted about 18 hours which was great. From 5:30am till about 11pm. I was on 25mg. Only problem with Adderall was my doctor wanted me to switch to Vyvanse. So I decided to and he wanted to put me at 60mg and I said no lets try 20mg since it might be stronger on me than it is on most people.

I was right, the 20mg turned me into a TURBO. I was getting a months worth of homework done in 2-3 days, talking nonstop, ON the GO everyday. This lasted for a couple months then my doc put me on 30mg. It was the same except my mind was so HIGH yes HIGH my ears were buzzing ever so slightly and I felt like I was in the zone, ALL DAY. IT would last about 30 hours. Without heavy duty sleeping pills I WOULD HAVE NOT SLEPT AT ALL. Only problem was I became less like myself at parties or whatever. I would not talk just sit there like a twakked out zombie.

My doc put me on 40mg and WOW what a difference. It is so weird, because I actually do not feel over-stimulated, hyper and restless like with the lower doses. Has anyone ever had this happen to them at higher dose?

For the first time ever I am Happy with my ADHD at 40mg Vyvanse. All A's and a couple B's which is quite an Improvement from my usual B's & C's. The 40 mg worked great, I had less side effects than on lower dosages and I didn't feel over stimulated. The 50 mg I tried for a month and it was great but I figured I dont need it since 40 is perfect. So i asked my doctor to lower the 50mg to 40.

I just recently switched insurance and my new doctor put me on 25mg Adderall XR, I said okay, and it's cheaper than Vyvanse so why not I'll give it a shot.

Since I am on Christmas break for school I cannot truly say for sure but I think the Adderall is weaker.

I was told 20mg Adderall = 40mg Vyvanse.So 25mg seems pretty equal.

Ever since I switched, I am extremely tired all day, and I am not eating (that much). It feels like the adderall is not working that good. It only lasts for about 5 hours then im really over stimulated (anxiety, jittery, lack of food and sleep) without the increased motivation. Sure my focus is increased but I get easily distracted now and I'm also less talkative from my usual self. I have always thought that adderall is stronger than vyvanse but it sure seems like the Adderall is not up to par with the Vyvanse.

I have only been on the Adderall for 2 weeks now so I will give it more time, and if it's still not working I'll take 2 (50mg) when I'm back in school and see if a higher dose helps. Does anyone know why this is? Is Vyvanse really better than adderall? What should I do if the 50mg Adderall is better than my original Vyvanse dose, I doubt my doc would rx me 50mg's of adderall.

One other thing I might add, is i used to take the little blue 5mg Adderall instant release pills and it worked AMAZING. I would take 5mg in morning, 5mg after lunch, and SOMETIMES another if I needed it but it usually was perfect and I didnt need to. The little blues were my favorite but my doc like the 1 a day more for me.

Would it be beneficial to take 40mg Vyvanse in morning and 5mg Adderall blue instant at afternoon time as a booster ?

Anyways thank you to everyone who read this and I appreciate any feedback =)

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