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Uk Members - Slowness Of Nhs And Private Options?

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An update for anyone following this thread re. waiting times, CMHT and NHS system

I'm in the Bradford trust area and our trust is part of the Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) government scheme so I don't know how things work in different areas. I know this was new a couple of years ago. In our area you get referred to community mental health team and they assess you and so on - to other therapies, services or hospital etc.

I knew they had a 2 week waiting list and chased up 4 times when was in a good enough mood to do so. I called yesterday, and even though my GP referral arrived 10 days ago I was still waiting for a letter with an appointment. I basically explained to the receptionist that it was my 3rd attempt at getting through the system and I really needed an assesment before I'm so full of prescribed drugs that I can't remember my problems or don't care. I explained that this I really needed to get this sorted whilst I'm in the right state. She said she completely understood and she would put me as urgent and push me up the queue. Today I received a letter with an appointment in a week's time. It's only another assessment. But at least I'm still depressed (and whatever else I have) and not on 60mg citalopram that would keep me happy whatever. Not sure if I was just lucky! But I definitely managed to shave off some of the waiting time (this time anyway).

I know some days I wouldn't want to pick up the phone to anyone, but this just shows that it was worth my while. My advise is chase things up when you feel up to it, or get doc to do so if not, be honest if you can. I feel better now I'm one step further through the process.

Hope this is of help to someone!



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I'm interested if they assess you for all types of issues (incl. personality disorders) or they help threat only for depression/anxiety.

Also I was calling a few times and there was no way for me to move my appointment sooner. I am under IAPT in Surrey.

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Well the NHS system can be very slow as compared to America. In the USA you have to have insurance or pay anyway. If you are private in UK (BUPA) you will definitely get a quick service. The NHS is under resourced and overstretched.

Best Wishes

Jim Bow

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IAPT is severely under-resourced. It if often at least a 6 week wait if you're lucky, and that's for an assessment. Then they might decide on therapy/meds/referral back to GP. Sometimes calling helps, other times it doesn't. Also very much depends on where you are (I know people who have only had a week's wait for something minor (relatively speaking) yet in my area its a 6-8 week wait for a letter even if you're in a sticky place.

Yes they assess you for all mental illnesses.

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