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Sad Songs?


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Well, when i get depressed, i like listening to sad songs. Does anyone else get this? And could y'all suggest some plez and thnx?

Some i like...

Why- Rascal Flatts

Cut- Plumb

Hello- Evanescence

My Immortal- Evanescence

Comatose- Skillet

Lucy- Skillet

How Could This Happen To Me- Simple Plan

alcohol Lullaby- Brad Paisley

How Could You Get That Lonely- Blaine Larson

Time After Time- John Barrowman

Sissys Song- Alan Jackson

Without You- Dixie Chicks

When You Were Mine- Dixie Chicks

Amazed- Lonestar

There Goes My Life- Kenny Chesney

In The Arms Of The Angels- Sarah McLaughlin

Love Me- Collin Raye

The Eleventh Commandment- Collin Raye

Scarlet- Brooke Fraser

My Skin- Natalie Merchant

I Dont Want To Miss A Thing- Aerosmith

You Can Let Go Now Daddy- Crystal Shawanda

Why- Secondhand Serenade

Perfect- Simple Plan

Alyssa Lies-Jason Michael Carroll

Not A Day Goes By- Lonestar

What Hurts The Most- Rascal Flatts

Watch Me Bleed- Scary Kids Scaring Kids (my fave!)

Fuc*ing Perfect- pink

I Wonder- Kellie Pickler

The Last Night- Skillet

The Little Girl- John Michael Montgomery

Confessions Of A Broken Heart- Lindsay Lohan (normally i hate Lindsay, but this song is great)

Im Already There- Lonestar

Who You'd Be Today- Kenny Chesney

Scream- Zoegirl

I Want You To Live- George Canyon

Everytime- Britney Spears

I Won't Let Go- Rascal Flatts

Beautiful Disaster- Kelly Clarkson

Teen Angel- Mark Dinning

Through The Trees- Low Shoulder

:) hope you like

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I think when we're sad we don't have the mood to listen to nice things, I also drown in sad songs. To me I could always relate to

No Rain - from Blind Melon

Down in ***** - from Alice in chains

so they're theme songs. One song that made me cry so much was Coming home from City & Colour necause I'm facing that same issue now - I've been around the world and I think it's time to go home.

But when I want to feel better I listen to some good old songs from my early 12 yo like NOFX, Millencolin and that stuff XD

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Nothing Can Be Explained - Mike Wyzgowski

Duvet - Boa

Kid A - Radiohead

Ikue Asazaki - Obokuri-Eeumi

All Is Full Of Love - Bjork

Fix You - Coldplay

Close Your Eyes - Basement Jaxx Feat. Linda Lewis

Breathe - Telepopmusik

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"So far away" and "It's too late" by Carole King

every other song by the Eagles

"Same Mistake" and "Give Me Some Love" by James Blunt

"Romeo and Juliet" by Dire Straits

"Creep" by Radiohead

"Sober" by Tool

"Promises" by Eric Clapton

and probably the saddest song ever written, "Alone Again", by Gilbert O'Sullivan (caution: lyrics may be a trigger)

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I hope you like something. I think there are a few songs we all can relate to in our own way.

James IV - Ammunition

Birdy - shelter

Coldplay- paradise

Birdy - people help people

Gary Jules - Mad world

Johnny Cash Hurt

Working Class Hero - John Lennon

Hurts - Illuminated

MT Eden - beautiful lies

Agnes Obele - riverside

Delilah - Go

Staind - it's been while, waste, fade, for you, open your eyes, comfortably numb

linking park - from the inside

everytime - britney (:blush:)

Theory Of A Deadman - Santa Monica

everlast - what it's like


Everlast - White Trash Beautiful

System Of A Down - Lonely day

Reamonn - Alright

3 Doors Down - Here Without You

Christina Aguilera "I'm OK"

Julie London - Cry me a river

Just Breathe - Anna Nalick

Black Lab-This Night

Nitin Sawhney - Letting Go

Come Wander With Me

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Wow, that was an awesome video.

I'll have to check out some of the other songs listed here. I LOVE my depressing music.

Here's some choices from my own collection:

After Forever - Cry Within a Smile, Empty Memories

Angtoria - Do you see me now?, Suicide on My Mind (Triggering songs, obviously)

Blackmore's Night - Hanging Tree, Ocean Gypsy, Windmills (I could name more by that band... they do heartbreaking in a special way)

Emilie Autumn - Her entire "Opheliac" album... deliciously triggering

Epica - Consign to Oblivion, Chasing the Dragon, The Phantom Agony (one of my fav bands... I don't think they do 'happy' songs, lol)

Iced Earth - The Clouding

Linkin Park - Easier to Run, Carousel, In the End

Marilyn Manson - Leave a Scar, I have to look up just to see Hell, Disassociative, The Speed of Pain, Coma White, Valentine's Day

Nightwish - End of All Hope, Dead to the World, Nemo (another band with tons of depressing songs, hard to go wrong with them)

Nine Inch Nails - entire "Downward Spiral" album **Triggering!**

Pink Floyd - High Hopes

Sarah Jezebel Deva - A Newborn Failure, Daddy's not Coming Home

Simon & Garfunkel - The Sounds of Silence, Richard Cory, A Most Peculiar Man

Three Days Grace - Pretty much any song, lol.

Within Temptation - Howling, What have you Done?, Hand of Sorrow, Our Farewell, Somewhere (Within Temptation is my all-time favorite band... naturally you won't find any happy music desecrating their perfectly depressing line-up, lol)

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I just started listening to Jessica Lea Mayfield, and her songs are sad. I especially like her songs Kiss Me Again and You've Won Me Over.

I definitely agree with whoever said Mad World, I love the cover of that song by Gary Jules.

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Love Is A Losing Game, Amy Winehouse

First Love, Adele

La Despedida, Shakira

Fast As You Can, Fiona Apple

If I Die Young, the Band Perry

Break Even, The Script

Nothing, The Script

Another Suitcase in Another Hall, Evita Soundtrack

On My Own, Les Miserables Soundtrack

Fifteen, Taylor Swift

Back to December, Taylor Swift

(Really, anything from Amy W., Adele, or Fiona)

haha...notice a pattern?

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