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Positivity Thread: 3 Things That Went "right" Today, Edition #8.


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Trace informed me that she is closing the SEVENTH thread on this topic, because it has reached ten pages, and invited me to open an EIGHTH edition, so here I am so doing.~Peace

Looking for a buddies to go toe to toe with me, accepting the challenge of coming up with 3 positives a day. The challenge is to find at least three good things out of every day, no matter how large or how small. I had a thread like this a while back at the Walkers in Darkness forums, however after a major crash of the web site, my buddy disappeared never to return again. I would like to continue this if people are willing to join me. It really works for me, but not if I am doing it alone. I have been making entries consistently on a daily basis since March 30 2009. So glad to see so many joining in!

Why it's important to me to do this thread:

to remind myself that even in the midst of a miserable day, there are good highlights. And the more I look, the more I am able to find.

Some things are small and consistent, like the way it feels when my cat curls up in my lap or sunlight streams through a window.

Some are accomplishments achieved, big or small.

Some are connections made, even if it's just the smile of a store clerk.

Here are a few samples of recent posts in the old thread, to serve as a model and get you started:


Considering how absolutely god-awful miserable I've been feeling the last couple of days, I was able to sift a few pieces of quartz out of the steaming pile of crap:

Thursday November 3

1. Applied for a new job (they keep cutting hours at my current one)

2. Spent a nice afternoon with my son.

3. Started a blog here on DF (first blog ever for me)

Friday November 4

1. Had a long phone convo with my good friend and "partner in divorce" in DE. I was feeling like absolute crap, and the talk really lifted my spirits.

2. Got some errands done.

3. Took my son to see A Year With Frog and Toad at our local professional theatre. It was his first live stage show, and was a bit apprehensive, as he's only four, but he loved it!


My internet works again.

I stayed sober all day.

I talked to my brother on the phone and it made me feel good when he said I sounded better.


1). Practice went by really quick today.

2). Had dinner with some friends, joking around made me come out of my shell more and feel better about myself.

3). I get to go home in a couple minutes.


I've spent the last couple of days at the aquarium where I volunteer (four days out of the last 6) and I'm going to volunteer the next two days as well. This is the only thing I have positives for, but there are many:

1) Volunteering means I am operating on a normal (daytime) schedule, which is something I hate, but is somewhat necessary at this stage of life, so its a good thing in a way.

2) When I am at the aquarium, I am reminded that I do have a passion, and that helps remind me to be optimistic about the future.

3) I meet people there who are as dorky about that field of study as I am, and I share my passion with them. Everyone ends up happy in that situation!

4) We're having a recognition dinner next week, and I won't feel like a fraud going to it because I have been putting in time.

5) Today, I was able to sit on the floor with a penguin, which is a pretty awesome thing to do!

6) Because I've been in there, I'll be orienting to rescue team soon, and that means that I'll have hands on experience in the marine hospital, which is both sort of amazing on its own, and a very good thing for future prospects in the field.

7) Someone who has been with the research foundation I am associated with for its duration commented to others that I'd be working there in a year, which means that while its not a job offer, they recognize that I'm the sort of person they normally work with. There are perhaps 10 employees in the entire foundation, so even though its not a promise, its flattering!


I started to read this thread and it made me feel happy, and positive.

Positives from today

  1. I joined this forum
  2. I practiced my music
  3. There is food in my home, a roof over my families head, and my children happy playing with their friends.


This may seem like such an insignificant thing to some people but I think today was the first day I was able to enjoy classical guitar music without feeling guilty.


Monday November 14-2011:

1. Massage today at 2:30pm. It was obvious that I was tense and tired, but Karen got some of the kinks out! Karen also invited me to her open house on Sunday November 27th.

2. Pam invited me to phone her around 4:15pm, during her trip home from work, to discuss whether to invite Rachel on board not only as personal raw chef, but also as "versatile personal assistant". Pam and my massage therapist agreed on this one: better not to combine the two, at least for now! Pam adopted a "wait and see" attitude: first see if personal chef aspect works out, then just see if the other spontaneously happens or not. Don't want to push Rachel into something she's not eager for; she is definitely eager for the personal chef job and teaching cooking. (She even said she had an extra dehydrator she could loan me.)

3. ****Best of the day: Email from Eric. No question, hands down, that this was the top positive of the day. After sending 2 email messages of apology and conciliation to Eric, along with tons of healing white energy--I finally heard back via email with a short note around 6:30pm tonight, that he had received my messages and would get back to me in a few days' time.

4. On tv: Dancing with the Stars, followed by excellent Diane Sawyer interview with Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly. I did rest and rest and rest in bed while watching, but as tired as I was, I was amazed that I stayed fully awake for both.


In short 2 things.

1. I found this site!!!!!

2. I have caught myself every time I have been going to lie and stopped.

I feel so much better and put most of it down to reading similar stories and finally acting to fix my 'issues'. A long long long way to go but eventually i hope to gain the trust of my wife and maybe save my marriage.

As I say I have a long way to go.

Thanks to you all.


I finally got an appointment to see a specialist for my illness.

I got lots of things done during the day.


1. Finally finished a college essay, finally.

2. Got all my schoolwork done fairly quickly.

3. Read some interesting articles online.


My positives for Tuesday November 15, 2011:

1. I was surprised when I stepped on the scale to discover that I am down to 170 pounds, a new low! My previous low was 173, and I am down now 40 pounds from when I first started healthier eating in November 2009 (I was 210 at the time).

2. In dealing with the Eric situation today: every time I became anxious re Eric I started practicing deep breathing and with every breath sent him white light energy and a prayer for calm and peace in their family. I figured prayer never hurts and if he got to a better more centered space, I might have a better chance! And the white light imagery helped me center.

3. Merlin from the flooring company came a half hour early today at 2:30pm, to give estimate on replacing ruined carpet pad in bedroom basement. He was very pleasant, and the fact that he came at 2:30 rather than 3pm meant that I didn't have to stress while waiting for him!

4. My RawVolution recipe book came a day early (YAY!), so Sue was able to get it from the 231 mailbox for me (if it had indeed come tomorrow, I would have had a struggle getting it on my own from mailbox).

5. Sue worked 2:15pm to 6:45pm, taking 15 minutes off to discuss the situation with her cat Max. Sue started with grocery shopping for me, including my first Depends underwear, which I am going to try out, in order to combat unexpected diarrhea outbursts. Sue got lots of fresh organic produce, of course. She also checked in on Spring Hill basement--and ***saw a handsome stag deer down by the cabin, caught in her car headlights***! Sue fed Maggie TWICE!! and sorted out her cat food cans. We brought in the RawVolution box that had been delivered by FedEx. We discovered that the beet soup had spilled over the entire contents of the box, but eventually we worked out a system to clean the beet juice off the items inside--and I was grateful that Sue agreed to take away the ruined box. She also took photos of the ruined beet juice interior to send to the company for hopeful refund.

6. I discovered that I like raisins with my raw salad!!! (Discovery came from raisins leftover from Sunday's potluck salads).

7. When I became depressed and filled with malaise after supper around 8pm, I phoned Jen at PA warmline--and we ended up with the idea that I would finish my positivity list, which was half done at that point!

8. I later emailed Pam, attaching the sign-up documents from Bill and expressing some of my concerns. Contact with Pam has been a great positive resource lately.

PLEASE JOIN US!!!!! :welcomeani:

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1. Did the dishes, cleaned up my kitchen...

2. Yesterday I helped a friend, she was having some boy-trouble... I listened to her and tried to give her some advice.

3. My report for my work has been approved by the council. Feels good to know that I'm not just there as a waste of space.

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1: I woke up really late after a fairly good sleep (a rarity) :sleep_1:

2: My new MacBook Adapter came today, so I am portable once again! :Coopyahoo:

3: Still no news as to whether I still have my job, but no news is good news, right? :nod:

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1. Didn't pass out today, which is a good sign because it's the first day since I've started clomipramine that I haven't been completely lethargic.

2. Got more college essay work done.

3. A friend that I sort of like admitted that she liked me too, and said that she wouldn't say no if I asked her out. <-----This is a good one.

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Wednesday November 16-2011:

1. Weird night. Major depression sucker-punched me around 8pm Tuesday night, and after a few hours sleep, I was up again at 5:00am struggling with it. It was REAL BAD.

*The positives*:

Did manage to push myself forward and find my missing "-1987" cell phone recharger (out of place due to storm Alfred!)--and finally, in early afternoon, to scan and email recipes to new raw chef Rachel (I had decided to make ONE goal and push myself through it in spite of great feelings of "why bother" tearing at me). Also amazingly, I made a decision on juicer about the same time (Omega rather than Hurom)!

2. Later, I sent a general email to insurance adjuster Rick about the attachments and information that I am supposed to collect and send him re my losses due to storm Alfred.

3. Late afternoon, as a snack, I ate the 2 slices of Rachel's raw pie from Sunday, with red grapes on the side.

4. I had a phone appointment with Loretta from 4:30pm to 5:00pm. I discussed my serious depressive feelings, partly resulting from the exhaustion from unpacking that ruined "beet box" yesterday, but also from a growing fear of "What do I do if Eric ultimately still says "No"?". In the conversation with Loretta, she encouraged my continuing to send white light energy to him in the form of healing and breathwork, and also she encouraged my visualizing a positive outcome. Somewhere in the conversation, I found myself repeating how "I trust Eric" and that I had never known him NOT to deliver, just not always on my time table. So if I have always known Eric (1) to respond eventually and (2) always to be kind, should I really be so afraid? I must trust him on this also, that it will turn out alright. I also found that by re-reading the actual email that I sent to Eric, and the one he sent back to me, things became concrete and not so fantasy fearful scary.

5. After almost 24 hours, Anna finally called from RawVolution to offer me resolution re my box of raw food ruined with beet juice throughout. Initially, all she was going to offer was a credit for the beet soup only, but we finally reached a mutual agreement whereby they will send a new complete box of food for next week. I also finally made clear that it was NOT damaged in shipment (box was in good shape), but that that the container of soup had not been sealed properly in its vacuum bag.

6. After supper, I opened up my new book which had been delivered yesterday: the RawVolution Recipe book. I read in it this evening.

7. Tonight, having strange bursts of "happy feelings" (strange because so unusual for me): those feelings where you want to sing and dance and bubble over "just because" not for any specific reason: "Ain't life grand?" type feeling. Raw supper wasn't so great tonight (some items in the box had gotten freezer burnt), but I just shrugged and said "so what?". So unusual and so positive for me.

8. Just as I was quieting down for the night, I got excited all over the place again, because I heard back from Rachel in response to my recipes sent way earlier in the day. We had an email discussion about the making of raw ice cream, and I downloaded a raw ice cream ebook to share recipes with her from that.

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okay 3 good things....

1) Boss was not in work, so general vibes much mellower!

2) have now lost 8lb on my diet :Coopclapping:

3) Going to the Ballet to see Swan Lake (for the ?th time) tonight. Going with my mother so that's more social interaction other than work peeps or my husband.

This is a really good thread! I'll try and keep adding to it.


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By the way, I love these threads PeacePilgrim.

1. Got an evaluation of a college essay back from my English teacher, so I will fix that up this weekend.

2. Read a few chapters of a book, since I didn't seem to want to move today. :P

3. Asked that girl out (well technically 'in', money is...barely existent!) and she is fine with it! Take into consideration I've never dated anyone before, and nor has anyone ever admitted to liking me or vice versa. So even having the ability to ask her out was kinda big for me.

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By the way, I love these threads PeacePilgrim.

Thanks, ModestMouse! And congratulations on inviting out ("in") the girl! Way to go!~Peace

Here are my positives for Thursday November 17-2011:

1. Up at 10am. Slightly over-reved, but kept totally productive with high energy between 10am-2pm, mainly on computer. I made sure that I took "slow down and focus" breaks, sometimes getting up and walking to the bathroom for a single bite of banana. Succeeded in ordering both the juicer and the ice cream machine that have plagued me with decision-making for so many weeks.

2. I was about to crash into depression when I came downstairs around 2:30pm, but I made a wise decision to phone PA warmline. I really lucked out in talking to "Sue", a practicing Buddhist, who talked about an exercise of breathing white light first to yourself, then to your family and friends, then to the world at large, finally expanding to the universe. On my own, I came up with an additional mantra exercise, using the phrase "I am okay in the here and now" to help center me with the breath. It is when I jump ahead into a fantasy future that I usually get scared and/or depressed. And finally, Sue shared an old Irish saying indicating that everything is always fine. It goes as follows:

An Irishman's Philosophy

In life, there are only two things to worry about

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1. Got some sleep.

2. New tires on my car for the disaster of a winter this year will probably bring!

3. Had my first date with that girl. It went really well, it wasn't too hard to converse, and even when we weren't talking the silence was comfortable not awkward. She seemed to enjoy the night a lot. And her aunt, who is extremely strict and selective seemed to really like me. She wasn't just being nice either, I heard her say it over the phone later, so that was reassuring.

Today really made up for the pitfall I hit yesterday, that's for sure.

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Friday 11/18/2011:

1. In spite of erratic sleep, got up around 11am.

2. I phoned Eastford vet re keeping Max overnight prior to neutering surgery; they were very accommodating and would only charge $10 for the overnight stay!

3. I'm impressed: I have Eric's 2 checks in an envelope ready to mail! (Sue will do that at Mansfield Center post office this afternoon.)

4. I needed to have Sue come early today because of my coaching phone call with Bill later at 3:30pm. So Sue started at 12:15 noon with shopping, and ended at 2:55pm at Wormwood. Everything with Sue fit in the time frame perfectly, in spite of the time crunch. Sue's first stop was Grand Union for more bananas and spinach and paper towels--and to check on the paper bag scenario. Then to Healthy Alternatives for organic chocolate syrup and organic almond milk. Finally, CVS for XL Women's underwear-style Depends and to choose a Thanksgiving card for me to give Eric and family. Then she got Spring Hill mail and here to Wormwood.

Tasks here included: food and water for Maggie, checking the 231 mailbox where both a supplement bottle and an insulated cooler shipment awaited me, getting trash bag out of basement, covering small portable heater with dust cover, moving more trash to shed. Sue took away a container of cucumber soup, a bag of spinach, and Eric's letter to mail. While Sue was here, the FedEx box with juicer was delivered at the perfect time to the front doorstep. She brought it in and I opened it later. Sue reported @ 3:45pm that Eric's letter was mailed, inside Mansfield Post Office.

5. I am DELIGHTED with Sue's choice of Thanksgiving card for Eric and family. It even has a cornucopia of "raw food" (fruits and vegetables) on the front cover. Perfect!

6. Good news from Sue: the new Mansfield Petco store is open!

7. After Sue left, I grabbed a quick 15 minute call to Rachel and updated her on raw food stuff, including wanting to add carrot juice to the list of items for her to provide. Talked to her once more later re my struggle to locate a glass pie plate. Good to connect.

8. Bill coaching call from 3:30pm onward, lasted just over an hour. Still have questions to send him via email, along with forms to submit.

9. Pam was available this evening to talk briefly about my plan to deliver raw pumpkin pie to Eric and family as Thanks-giving gift and peace-making gesture.

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Saturday November 19-2011:

1. Got up between 10 and 11am again: impressive!

2. Helen called from the PC shop to say laptop batteries are "in" and I paid by credit card; will have Rachel pick up.

3. Sue called around 2pm to report good news re Max cat: she has taken him into her bathroom for safety and is ready to take him to vet next week! I told her re Bill's upcoming smoothie ebook, and that I may be willing to part with my expensive air purifier for simple barter exchange for her helping me to get it out of here.

4. Watched Harry Potter Deathly Hallows, Part 2 on kitchen tv this afternoon on "pay on demand." Was better able to focus on it today than yesterday when I first rented and tried to watch for 1/2 hour.

5. Around 5pm, called David at PA Warmline for a boost. After discussing all the tasks I have ahead of me, I fell asleep for an hour and a half!

6. Bill's brother-in-law David emailed finally tonight to turn down the handyman job. It's too far for him as I figured, but good at least to have closure.

7. Kristin kindly called re herb crackers tonight around 8:30pm, to see if I want some for tomorrow. I said "Yes."

8. Late night viewing again of Harry Potter finale, Part 2, while I had a good late night supper.

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Hey there -this is yesterday's update....

1) managed to get up and get organised to go into London ON TIME and without forgetting anything or faffing around unsure of what to do....

2) Visited the Natural History Museum and didn't freak out with ALL THE PEOPLE (this also includes having to face the tube, which is surely a great candidate for hell on earth...)

3) Saw a film I liked at the cinema, which made me happy!

However...did get back to the car waaaay before my friends (who had gone to a separate evening's entertainment) and had to sit, in the dark, on my own for nearly an hour, which did freak me out and make me very anxious, but I am okay and went to sleep on the way back instead of falling apart.

Therefore I feel very proud of myself despite the ending of the day.


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1. Got some sleep.

2. New tires on my car for the disaster of a winter this year will probably bring!

3. Had my first date with that girl. It went really well, it wasn't too hard to converse, and even when we weren't talking the silence was comfortable not awkward. She seemed to enjoy the night a lot. And her aunt, who is extremely strict and selective seemed to really like me. She wasn't just being nice either, I heard her say it over the phone later, so that was reassuring.

Today really made up for the pitfall I hit yesterday, that's for sure.

Glad to hear everything went well with the date! Is there to be follow up dates :Coopwink: ? I hope the pitfall wasn't too awful and that you feel better now xx

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Really fell behind keeping track of the positive stuff, so I'll just try to do a recap of the last week or so.

In no particular order,

1. Made a big dent in raking the leaves.

2. Finally finished unpacking and getting the house squared away. Even hung some pictures and some theatre playbills; really trying to take the "strange" out of this house and make it my own.

3. Took my son to see Frog and Toad again at the Barksdale Theater downtown.

4. Had fun pretending to be a dinosaur and chasing my son all over the house :-)

5. Meditated several times.

6. The Cymbalta that I started taking several weeks ago seems to be working.

7. Have another audition tonight, this one for The 39 Steps.

8. Spoke to a good friend who has been struggling with cancer for the last couple years. Her most recent PET scan indicated that her tumors appear to be shrinking!

9. Had a good week at work.

10. Reading some good books on mindfulness meditation.

11. The weather has been beautiful the last several days.

12. My son has been doing well in preschool.

13. I'm in excellent health, mental problems excepted.

14. Got my confirmation to volunteer downtown as a table host for a community dinner on Thanksgiving day.

15. Things remain amicable between me and my spouse, despite our pending divorce. She even bought me some pajamas for my son to keep here at the house that say 'My Dad is the Best'.

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Sunday Nov 20-2011:

1. I was up at 1030am, even though I had had broken sleep with high "rev" in the middle of the night (during the night I quit trying to sleep and went downstairs and got stuff done instead; probably only 3 hours solid sleep from about 7:30am to 10:30am, but it was enough).

2. I am amazed that I was able to (1) make an extra stop at Grand Union en route to Windsor and (2) get the 4 sturdy grocery bags there that I wanted so badly (last time they were "out").

3. Raw Class from 3pm to 6:30pm:

taste testing at Raw Central today was great:

*stuffing with fresh herbs, both soft and dry

*pumpkin pie filling


4. Shared my RawVolution Apple Crumble with the class. Also my thoughts re my lifting depression and increased energy due to raw food diet.

5. New raw chef Rachel stopped by with husband Steve around 5:30pm, just as Kristin was starting her demonstration of pumpkin pie recipe. Rachel and I did our trading of information and empty food containers, and I gave Rachel the "starter" check for raw supplies. Looked at raw food potluck photos with her and decided it would be nice to put some decorative trim on the pie she is making for me.

6. I left with Rachel and Mary, and got hugs from both, initiated by Rachel.

7. I came straight home, didn't even stop for the mail. Impressed that I laid out a healthy raw dinner for myself in spite of tiredness, ate it while watching the last bit of Harry Potter (before on-demand purchase expired) and Amazing Race.

8. Around 9:30pm or so, talked to Evie at PA warmline: not the most helpful person, but it was human contact. I also left a message for Michael. Afterwards, was able to munch a few dates, get myself up to bed, and (with the help of a full sleeping pill), get the sleep I so badly craved.

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1. I was only in school for about two hours, then I went home, made organic chili, and listened to the blues.

2. Had a really wonderful time walking through the park with my new (and first) girlfriend. It was a really pleasant, brisk sort of day as well. Despite how urban the the area is, it felt very serene sitting next to her above the creek.

3. Spent the whole day chatting and joking with her and my other friends at Starbucks.

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Monday November 21-2011:

1. I had several helpful email exchanges with Pam concerning potential delivery of raw pie to Eric.

2. I phoned Marco at PA Warmline around dusk, when my energy level was dropping. He was reasonably helpful.

3. Right afterwards, phoned Rachel for a check-in on her raw food prep progress. She has already picked up my laptop batteries for me! YAY!

4. Nice email note from Sue re Max's first vet appointment! YAY!

5. Healthy raw supper while I watched Dancing with the Stars, complete with the freestyle routines.

6. Surprise, surprise! Michael called, and we talked maybe 9:30 to 11:30pm. Michael was doing a cooking marathon, which is always a good time to talk to him. Michael questioned dropping off the raw pie unannounced, so later I emailed Eric about it.

7. I hope it's a good thing, but I sent a late-night (2am) email to Eric, specifically asking about the pie.

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1. Woke up at 9:30 after a full nights sleep... sleep at night, who knew it could be so wonderful!

2. Watched a really scary movie with my recently returned brother, the fright was actually quite nice after being so numb.

3. Saw someone use the word "faffing" in a post. I don't know why it just really makes me laugh, I wish we used it in Canada.

x- crossing my fingers for another good day tomorrow.

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Tuesday November 22-2011:

I was pretty low today, but here are some positives:

1. Called massage therapist early morning, and Karen was able to give me 4pm massage appointment at the last minute. It was her only availability this week. I was able to work it out, keeping assistant Sue on task and working during the time I got my massage.

2. New raw chef Rachel was late with her delivery today, but she did come through around 2:40pm or so, I think (some 40 minutes late). I used the time waiting for her to recharge my Taurus car battery. Along with food items, Rachel brought my new laptop batteries! The food items were: pumpkin pie, carrot juice, chocolate ice cream (!), herb crackers, and chocolate almond milk.

3. Sue worked for me from 2:20pm to 7:00pm. She started with grocery shopping and then came to Wormwood just as my massage was starting. She unloaded groceries on her own, fed Maggie and then went to Spring Hill to check on furnace/dehumdifier and get mail. Arrived back here just as massage was winding up. Sue and I have a comfortable working relationship, which is nice. Tomorrow I am sponsoring Sue's cat Max for his first vet visit. After massage therapist left, Sue and I unpacked TWO boxes that had been delivered. One held my new ice cream machine, the other had the latest delivery of RawVolution raw food products. This RawVolution box was the neatest cleanest box yet, and easiest so far to open. Sue and I also now have a good system worked out for opening and unpacking the RawVolution box. And we closed Maggie in the lavender room while we brought the box in through the front door. Sue took a lot of stuff out to the shed (trash, empty boxes) and then we were done for the day.

4. When I had a digestive crisis today between 5pm-11pm, I tried out my new XL underwear-style depends for the first time, and it actually worked pretty well. Provided me with a sense of security until I got past the crisis.

5. I connected with Michael again tonight by phone, around 9pm or so I think, and we talked for a bit. Michael recommended ginger tea for my digestive issues.

6. Was able to distract myself by watching a bit of Harry Potter Deathly Hallows, Part ONE, and then was able to eat a bit of food sometime after 11pm. Sometimes you think you are never going to feel better again, but you do!

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