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Has Anyone Had Any Success With Natural Supplements?

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I've been on every antidepressent and benzo known to man (I'm a long time depression sufferer, then nearly died in 2008 from Legionnaire's and now have PTSD from my 5 days in a coma and other illness related traumas). I'm currently dealing with major depression and anxiety, insomnia and PTSD. After reading somewhere about L-theanine and doing some internet research) I decided to try it (it was hard to find, finally ordered it online). It's only been a few days but I do feel a little less stressed. Initially the only supplement I found was at a pharmacy in a natural sleep aid that had L-theanine in it and I actually found it help me fall asleep (still can't stay asleep though) and I've been on 15 mg of Ambien for a long time. Anyway, I hit amazon today after having such a difficult time finding L-theanine in the stores and found a bunch of supplements that claim to help with depression, anxiety, sleep, etc. I ordered L-tryptophan and a couple of different variations of the L-theanine to see if one works better than the other but was wondering if anyone had tried anything such as GABA, L-theanine, seredyn, etc. I also started omega 3 after reading that sometimes that helps. Can you tell I'm desperate??? Any experiences, good or bad, out there? I'm anxious to hear if I'm the only ***** spending $100 on Amazon in one day!

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Like meds, there are mixed reations with herbs and supplements due to how we respond. I think an herbalist or holistic health practitioner could be beneficial for you if you want to try the natural treatments. They would best know the amounts and combos to use. Omega3 has not been found to help with mental health; however, it's one of the best supplements you can take for physical health.


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I've never really dove into the herbal remedy thing before. Mostly cos I used to be on tons of medications and was afraid of bad interactions, and the cost. But I have tried a couple different things for sleep. I've gave melatonin a shot for sleep, but that only made me feel alert and so that didn't work too well. I felt rather foggy during the day time after I took it.

Another thing I did for sleep is camomile tea with raw organic honey. That seems to help with sleep pretty well, although I know the mention of camomile can sound a bit cliche. It's definitely not a cure though. If I don't hop into bed within 20 mins of drinking it and stay there, it won't help me to sleep at all.

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I was reading online yesterday about the positive effects that Vitamin D can have on depression. You have to take a lot of it to work though. As far as sleep, I don't have a clue. I know of a good supplement company, but I can't say the name on here. But I wouldn't go the herbal route. They are real substances, even if they are "natural." I'm not going to self-medicate unless it's Tylenol or something.

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Both Vitamin D and the B complex can help with depression. However, like most things in life the results with them will be as unique as you. :)

I found a person local to me who does something I believe is called "Vega testing".

It's an entirely non-invasive test that uses small electrical pluses (you can't feel) and reads what your body does with the signal - it's read on some 'traditional Asian' pressure point.

(the place I went you held a brass thing in one hand and they read the signal on the other hand)

There are a lot of mixed reviews about how valid these tests are, but after years of getting nowhere with my MD I went looking elsewhere for some answers...

According to my MD's, my body was perfect and they couldn't explain all the cramps I had (even got stuffed in $MMM machines for their tests).

The Vaga test showed poor results with lactose (from cows only) and sugar cane were the cause.

removing those from my diet was tough (try find something that doesn't have some sorta of sugar cane in it - even rum! )

..now many of my pains are gone and I can predict certain ones based on my diet - without fail.

For me it worked... and it helped get me in a better mood more often too.

then I took my step-dad there... pork and Peanut butter were apparently issues. Sounds odd again, but as a diabetic his sugars have never been so stable.

point here is everything effects everyone differently. You can choose a 'trail and error' approach but you need to be really careful about interactions...

..my step dad almost died of an iron deficiency a couple months after we started feeding him soy milk everyday.

It's natural, but reduces ones ability to absorb iron, zinc, and other things (it's like birth-control for a 6 year old!)

and yes, he has many other health complications. but just because it's good for one does not mean it's good for others.

You need to read the effects of everything you put in your mouth if you want to try fixing something.

only you really know how a 'silly' side effect might be a game changer in the wrong way...

...they call it natural medication because it's natural ... and still medication.

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taysmom1016, You're definitely not the only one spending major cash on natural supplements. I've been feeling really down lately (unable to sleep at night and unable to get out of bed in the day, totally withdrawn and generally pretty sad and hopeless). I havent been diagnosed by a psychiatrist and dont even like the idea of labeling myself as depressed. That said, seeing those symptoms written down is a little scary, something is definitely going on. Although I recognize antidepressants might become necessary (obviously only if prescribed by a psychiatrist) I would much rather deal with this naturally if I can. I feel like these thought patterns have to be caused by something and I want to figure out the source of these thoughts instead of masking the chemical symptoms. I'm taking a handful of natural supplements right now (omega 3, 5-HTP, digestive probiotic, multivitamin, vitamin D, calcium, and iron). Honestly I'm not sure if they're working, I think the iron has helped somewhat since I seem to have a bit more energy. I don't expect to find any magic bullet cure, especially since doing things naturally means lots and lots of little changes. When you're whole system is out of whack its hard to attribute good or bad changes to any one thing. I'd like to think they are making a difference, its nice to imagine those expensive little pills going to fulfill some important task in my body instead of (and I cringe financially at the thought) simply going down the drain. Maybe thinking so will help to make it so. I've strayed a little from the subject here but I guess the short answer is I'm not positive if they're helping but its worth a shot.

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