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Lonely College Student


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I read an article today that really put me down. It was about the benefits of a best friend and how they manifest in our daily lives. It got me thinking and I realized that I didn't have a best friend. I do have friends but they all have jobs, go to school and have relationships and lives of their own. We don't get together no more than once every other month. I haven't been able to find a job in two and a half years, i do go to school but taking a major I am not all to sure about (Psychology ironically enough) and I haven't really formed any close relationships with anyone at school. The latter is mostly due to the fact that I live at home with my parents and commute to school to save money in the current state of the recession. Although economic, it prevents me from really connecting with people and running into the same faces. I am a senior now and it really brings me down to think about how, even if I made friends, I would graduate in seven months and never see them again. In this time I have become so jaded that when, for whatever reason (Usually academic) a girl talks to me I regard it as something of a divine mockery. A very cute girl called out to me and spoke with me about the lab where I do research and (dressed in my characteristic sweat pants and stained white T shirt) I attempted to carry on a conversation that, while zealous, was ultimately fruitless. I figured it was a lost cause anyway as she would probably not be into me. I feel like I have the appeal of a school bus fire (Humor =). Since beginning as a freshman I have become overweight, now dress (literally) like a bum, have a low self esteem, snappy with my family and have started to harbor angry thoughts where none existed before. I would never act on them but they come and go sometimes. I wanted to come to college to make friends, maybe have a relationship or two, definetly date around, achieve my dreams of becoming a physical therapist and have a good life. I guess its not for everyone? Sorry to just rant like this. The forum helps me put down my feelings and validate my experiences so I don't just project into a vacuum.

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Hi xanarticus

It can be hard to break out of a certain mindset and it often takes a lot of change to do that. Perhaps college was not as you would have liked, but perhaps after college you may find a place where you feel more at ease and less jaded, which can open you up to more interaction and perhaps friendships. Have you thought of joining any groups, starting hobbies, or doing volunteer work? It could help with social interaction, motivation, self esteem and perhaps enable you to make a few friends.


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