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Post The Piece Of Music That Moves You The Most


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Higher- Creed

Rise Above this- Seether (the song was written to bring his brother out of depression but his brother jumped off the hotel roof the night before he was going to perform it in concert sad story)

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I know it's classical music and therefore some people will ignore this completely, but it's actually a FANTASTIC piece.

It's The Pines of Rome by Resphigi, written in 1924. 4 small tone poems in one:

Pines of the Villa Borghese - Fast, busy motifs, quite manic, generally upbeat. Portrays children playing at being soldiers in the pine groves of the Villa Borgia

Pines near the Catacombs - somber and slow, but picks up tempo and ends with a triumphant Trumpet solo, played off stage.

Pines near the Janiculum - gorgeous, wallowy, warm sounding movement, includes a recording of a nightingale! First piece to include pre-recorded sounds apparently.

Pine of the Appian Way - (my favourite) starts off slow and melancholy, but builds up to an overwhelmingly happy and grand finish that always lifts my mood. The piece is supposed to portray Roman soliders returning to Rome along the Appian Way after a winning a battle and the reception they receive.

I played it with a youth orchestra in 1999 and have been yearning to play it again ever since! I often wait until I'm alone in the house, put it on, crank up the speakers and sit in the middle of the room, completely surrounded by the music so it's almost like I'm back in the centre of the orchestra again. Ah I love it so much i'm off to do it again - who cares about the neighbours...

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'Angel' by Sarah McLachlan

Beautiful song

I may have posted this other one already

Child of Vision - Supertramp

Child of vision, won't you listen?

Find yourself a new ambition

I've heard it all before

You're saying nothing new

I thought I saw a rainbow

But I guess it wasn't true

You cannot make me listen

And I cannot make you hear

So you find your way to heaven

And I'll meet you when you're there

How can you live in this way?

(What do you think it's so strange)

You must have something to say

(You tell me why should I change)

We have no reason to fight

'Cos we both know that we're right

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Aerial Boundaries- Michael Hedges

Michael Hedges, by the way, was a fantastic acoustic guitar player (plus he invented the Harp-guitar) who died in 1997, way before his time. I've listened to other guitarists and none sound like Mr. Hedges, he was truly an original.

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I'll second Wicked Game.

And add Verve's Bittersweet Symphony. And if I interpret "moves you the most" as being high or low or whatever:

Eric Clapton - The Core

Alice Cooper - Hello Hooray

INXS - Disappear

and Ravel's Bolero. Sounds smarmy, too, but find the YouTube of Torvill and Dean's 1984 Olympics ice dance routine set to Bolero. Chillingly beautiful.

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