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my husband is currently having hypnotherapy for his very long term and sever depression..he's had 3 hourly sessions so far..and to be honest he had zero faith in it helping him..it was very much a last resort and only because as my carer social services are willing to pay for 8 hours for him..after 3 sessions he was about to give up..thanks to his depression he's very very negative indeed..however this last day or two we are seeing a vast improvement in him!!..really...we can only put it down to the hypnotherapy..Thursdays are ALWAYS a bad day for him as he has to do a 4 hour shift at a job he hates..(he can only work part time) normally his shifts are a couple of hours per day..but today he's happy!! yes happy!! both of us are so amazed..fingers crossed it will last..but like I said the only thing we can attribute his increasingly happy mood to is the hypnotherapy..also he's slept all thru the night for the last 3 nights..he seriously cannot remember the last time that happened. ..but I guess the sucess or not of hypnotherapy depends on the the actual hypnotherapist..the lady my husband see's has a lot of letters after her name.

Anyway all the very best : )

Fran x

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