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Positivity Thread: 3 Things That Went "right" Today, Edition #7.

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1. I logged onto my email which i have been dreading for too long and read my dads emails which were nicer than i thought they were going to be. i explained to him what has been going on which my anxiety + depression and other stuff i feel mucccch better after doing that.

2. made an appointment at the doctors to get my moles checked which i have been worrying about for way too long

3. my sister had friends over and i enjoyed my day =] and i met peanut the cutest puppy ever

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Monday Sept 12-2011:

1. Woke 11am, very stirred up at thought of loss of house key via Amanda. Got up and got busy rather than continue to freak out.

2. Got smart and canceled Sheila for tuesday; it had felt like overload.

3. Received email from new assistant candidate James, who has moderate OCD. From this email and from later talking on the phone, it felt like the two of us might relate well.

4. Try-out of new assistant Ann, although with mixed reviews. She did get mail for me, and checked 231 mailbox also (it was empty). She made up dish of Maggie food. Ran engines on BOTH cars. Washed pieces of dustbuster. Cleaned pieces of freezer that were still stained with raspberry juice from power outage. Trash to shed.

Biggest negative: Her limited cut-up time availability, except for weekends. and then evidently she may "disappear" for two months as she works temp holiday job.

I did like the new system better: about 1/2 the time was consumed by interview portion (one and 1/2 hr), and I didn't pay her for that. She did get paid for the one hr 55 minutes when she was actually working.

Also, Maggie cat liked Ann in that Ann was quiet and didn't try to approach her.

5. I heard back from the raw food cook/nutritional counselor Marie via voicemail. Yay!

6. FINALLY heard from Amanda via email re turning over of house key tomorrow.

7. Ate last of pizza.

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Tuesday Sept 13-2011:

1. Awoke around 8am to find thankfully a text message from Amanda as per my request saying she had left the key in mailbox. Managed to contact Sue to have her pick up the key around 9:30am, before mail delivery today.

2. Incoming call around 9:30am from university disability office. They are looking into my difficulties regarding the psych building elevator.

3. Played Kabat-Zinn meditation CD mid-day; very soothing. Didn't want the feeling to stop.

4. Sue worked for me from 4:10pm to 8:15pm. First, she got me Brazil nuts and Black Cherry juice and peaches at Willi co-op, then 2 new jump drives at Staples, and mail from my parents' place. Then she came here to feed Maggie, put remaining cleaned-up freezer parts back in place, and help me strip and re-tarp half the basement. In the process, she captured and set a moth free outside! I love setting critters free!

5. "Parenthood" starting new season, Jason Ritter returns to the cast! Yay!

6. FINALLY got my September calendar hung up--and all the old months discarded!

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Added note for Tues Sept 13, 2011:

I got the burnt-out nightlight replaced in garage.

Positives for Wednesday Sept 14-2011:

1. I think I got up around 11am again.

2. Massage was good today at 1:45pm. I seemed to get on the table more easily than usual. I think maybe the bromelain from raw pineapple is helping as anti-inflammatory. Enjoyed the feel of "cleaned-up" massage room aka basement. I learned of Karen's new website and got her business card from her. Karen told me re "bag tags" for individual trash bag pickup, which is great information to have.

3. Two really good phone calls: (1) with potential assistant James and (2) with raw chef Marie.

4. On TV, the finales of America's Got Talent and Big Brother were enjoyable, although I slept through part :smile: .

5. I broke down and ordered another pizza. Needed the comfort.

6. Tonight, I succeeded in filling out the intake form for raw chef/nutrition counselor Marie.

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Thursday Sept 14-2011:

Finally got at least part of my groceries delivered, including all-important fresh pineapple, but it was a bumpy ride to say the least. New assistant James got sick part-way through his Grand Union shopping trip, which began at 3:30pm. He went home briefly to recoup, then set out again, only to run out of money in his account! So he came away without the CVS purchases which he had already gathered--and didn't phone me to give me a heads up.

Basically, he struggled between 3:30pm and 7:45pm??? and only did a couple hours work, while I stressed out waiting. I am therefore having trouble finding positives for the day, but here we go:

*I did get my pineapple, and also had James cut it up for me.

*I did get my mail.

*I did get my ice cream and a few groceries.

*Big sigh of relief that James did take away all my trash, including the last of spoiled food from hurricane!!!

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Friday Sept 15-2011 (no assistant today):

1. Did hear from Eric (response re cabin windows), via a short email note.

2. YAY! finally found missing flashlight. It was hiding just inside walk-in closet with another flashlight (big fat yellow).

3. Good one and 1/2 hr conversation with Marie from NYC, where she is at a conference. Phone convo 4pm to 5:30pm approximately re her raw food program.

4. Finally opened 2 packages that have been waiting "forever" (pre-Hurricane): my black quad cane and my supplements (hyraulonic acid).

5. Hid spare key (returned by Amanda) back in garage.

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Saturday September 16-2011:

1. Sue helped from 3pm to 6:20pm: brought mail and took trash to shed, plus helped re-tarp basement following electrician vist. Put outgoing letter (West Hartford yard bill) in 231 mailbox.

2. Received follow-up email from Eric with more details on cabin windows.

3. Kismet movie on TCM tonight.

4. Late night, got post-hurricane shower at long last!

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Okay, before I add today's positives, I have to correct dates on three previous entries; it will drive me crazy later!!

The following entries need to be amended:

Thursday Sept 14-2011 SHOULD read "Thursday Sept 15-2011"

Friday Sept 15-2011 SHOULD read "Friday Sept 16-2011"


Saturday September 16-2011 SHOULD read "Saturday September 17-2011"

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Sunday September 18-2011:

1. Made the wise decision to cancel asst James for the day (he was supposed to finish his failed thursday shopping). I really needed a day alone to rest. I watched "Born on the Fourth of July" re Vietnam vet Ron Kovic on tv.

2. Michael left voicemail around 6pm to say that he had checked Washington Circle house today, and helped himself to an apple from my tree as a snack!

3. Put away Dell computer travel case and made other small steps in recovering from week-long power outage.

4. Ordered pizza again tonight. Also: easily created an email to send to Marie to ask about a month-long commitment to raw food diet instead of 6 months.

5. Emmys on tv tonight.

6. Facebook exchange with electrician Ed re putting on new plastic outdoor outlet covers tomorrow Monday.

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Hi guys!!!

I made it to work on time..both jobs!! Gave myself permission to not **** myself.Okay..I meant work sooooo hard.....a mini vaca on the jobs!!LOL

Made sure the dogs are taken care of...good conversation at the dog park!

Mailed a package ..no procrastinating!

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