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Positivity Thread: 3 Things That Went "right" Today, Edition #7.

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Wednesday August 10-2011

1. Sent Pam an early morning email with a compliment for her, and received an equal and surprising compliment back: "I have to agree with you completely that one of the best things in my life right now is our email exchanges. They seem to ground me no matter where I am in the day."

2. When I awoke around one pm or so, I found an email from Eric--at last--with 2 surprises: (1) he is roofing on thursday so not a good day to work for me and (2) he will be around next week (surprise!) because they are not going away on vacation til later!!! At first all this threw me (not good with last minute changes!), but I managed to process it all and make fresh decisions successfully. I phoned and then texted Eric to see if he could stop by today to "treat" the most urgent problem at Wormwood: the noisy fan on my microfridge. Then suggested next Tuesday for the rest.

2. So Eric actually came at 2:41pm and spent maybe 45 minutes diagnosing the problem and coming up with a solution, then just chatting for a bit, which is always nice.

3. FINALLY connected with Pain Management at the Hospital to make an appointment for cortisone shot. Deborah was actually very nice and asked specifically about my "issues".

4. Brian called to firm up yardwork appointment for tomorrow.

5. Enjoyed "Love in the Wild" series again on tv tonight.

6. Finally got "in the zone" late tonight to write some checks and such.

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1. I woke up feeling rested.

2. I didnt get paranoid about my relationship with my wife.

3. I played with my kids.

(BONUS) I finally got a guilt free and sincere blessing from my mother to live far far away from her. I would have done it anyway but its nice to not have to feel guilty about it.


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Positives this week:

1) I am on vacation from work - returning on Monday though, bleck!

2) Went up to Maine for a few days...it was so nice and relaxing!

3) Went to the fine arts museum and saw some wonderful exhibits

4) Going out to eat lunch with my mom in all our favorite restaurants

5) Doing some summer reading - 300 pages down thus far!

6) Playing video games, enjoying my time off overall

7) It's payday today whahooo!!!

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Catching up....Thurs Aug 11-2011:

1. Really nice weather today; low humidity, light breeze, moderate temps. Was ideal for doing outside work, which for me meant supervising my new yardworker Brian.

2. Brian was here from 3:30pm to 6:00pm, and used his "Fein" brand model 9.11.20 wet/dry vac to finally clean up the winter debris in driveway. Although he was doubtful at first, he had plenty of extension cords to run them all the way up the driveway incline to the top. He also vacuumed the shed, which was a bonus. He had a modern gas-powered garden shrub-whacker with him, but mainly used old-fashioned tools like a scythe to get rid of garden shrub overgrowth that covered some areas that needed vacuuming. I also liked his flat-top straw hat: he looked like he would have fit into Old Sturbridge Village!

3. Amanda was here from 2:45pm to 6:35pm:

Was good to have her here as backup for the yardworker. I only went out of the garage to yard twice, the rest of the time she was my "runner"/go-between: like when he wanted a cup of water or I had his check ready for him--or just to report on his progress.

4. It was good to have Amanda here for other things too:

*She brought me Chinese supper and mail.

*She packed up all my recyclables from the shed and took them away!!!

*We got my car registration, insurance and emissions certificate updated in both cars.

*With Amanda's help, I got the security sticker removed from inside bottom of wet/dry vac.

*I prepped Amanda to go shopping for me tomorrow.

*She mailed my DMV registration and checked 231 mailbox.

*Amanda took photos of how it looked "roadside" (up top of the driveway) when Brian was done.

5. We picked a beautiful white hydrangea flower, which is now sitting on my kitchen counter. Researching online, I discovered its exact name, Hydrangea paniculata aka 'Limelight'. Its blossoms change color as the season progresses.

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Catching up...Friday August 12-2011:

1. Finally got the bill from Spring Hill yardworker/caretaker Russ! Was inspired to call him while waiting for massage, and arranged for Amanda to pick up the bill from mailbox (he was real nearby and could drop it off).

2. Two pm massage w/Karen. Gave her Xray report. She saw deer in woods!

She is doing massages for professional tennis tournament weekend of Aug 19-20-21st!

3. Amanda did shopping for me: 3 hours 20 minutes instead of 4 hours plus that it was taking Marlene. She got my mail (and Russ bill!), Subway sandwich, Soy yogurts from Big Y, four reams of white paper from Staples, organic produce (pineapple, peaches, sunflower seed) from Willi Food Coop, a few misc groceries from Stop n Shop, and my ice cream cups from Walmart from "Pete" (NO sticker on receipt-yay!).

4. I talked to assistant Sue J. this evening--her car is all fixed!

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Saturday 8/13/2011

1. Up at 2pm with a major anxiety attack, but my "as needed" Klonopin plus just proceeding slow and steady in spite of the internal upset, got me back on track.

2. Maggie jumped in my lap at the computer, and started to purr, shortly after I got up.

3. Got out the print-outs of physical therapy exercises and started doing them again.

4. Early today when I couldn't sleep, I got my car insurance paid.

5. I put through my online Staples rebate, and realized that with the rebate plus previous "Rewards" points I had earned, the 4 reams of white paper at Staples yesterday didn't cost me any money!! and actually EARNED me $7.00!

6. Harry Potter film on tonight. It was Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix, which I haven't seen in a while, so more enjoyed.

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sunday 8/14/2011

1. I made it through the day with a major tooth issue that erupted 5am Sunday morning.

2. Because the tooth issue would have canceled the raw potluck for me anyway, I wasn't as upset when Amanda emailed to say she wasn't well and couldn't drive me.

3. I phoned both the emergency replacement dentist and the host of potluck as compensation for not being able to make it to potluck today in person.

4. I managed a liquid/soft diet all day (applesauce, banana, Protein drink, my coconut water/cherry concentrate blend, yogurt). Holding my one Ben/Jerry's ice cream pint in reserve for the moment.

5. Found my "stash" of a handful of left-over pain pills from a couple years ago, just in case it gets too bad in middle of night. So far Aleve and not eating has made it okay.

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Monday August 15-2011--Emergency dental day!

1. I reached former dental office in Simsbury to find out the name of sedative that is fast-acting and best one for me: Septocaine.

2. My substitute dentist was able to reach Dr. Abbott's office re my root canal records.

3. Because of heavy rain, I made a last-minute GOOD decision to drive my Taurus wagon, which was snug in the garage. It was about time that I took it for a drive!

4. Had 4:15pm appointment with substitute dentist. Three good things: (1) he did take an Xray of injured area, (2) he was empathetic and cordial (3) amazingly, there was NO charge for dental appointment today!!!

5. Sue was willing to be on stand-by and help me w/errands after the dentist appointment. She met me outside the dentist office and I gave her the antibiotic prescription script, along with a short shopping list of "soft" foods for the week. She also got my Spring Hill mail and brought the lot to Wormwood. She worked from 5:50pm to 7:45pm total.

6. Hummus and cottage cheese actually tasted delicious for my supper!

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1. Visited my grandmother out of the hospital; made a floral arrangment to rival Horchow! So now I havepretty flowers to look at.

2. Took a long walk with my son and dog.

3. Made an awesome turkey burger dinner, with bacon... Mmmm bacon.

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Tuesday August 16-2011:

1. Way tired after dental day yesterday, but was able to cancel massage appointment successfully, and even briefly talk to Karen about it, which was good.

2. I got a lot of catch-up stuff taken care of today:

Called re postponing Dr. Venti appointment, called microfridge company about getting a replacement fan, tried reaching Mansfield Senior center re getting help with Medicare drug program options (woman was out-of-office today, but it's a start), connected with Medicare National and did get some help there re sorting out options. Also called drop cloth company about delivery of wrong item; Lacey is going to look into it for me.

3. This evening, problem-solved with Charter re "charter cloud" issues (online backup storage) and with Verizon re email problems on phone. Being on the phone seemed to be one of the best things for me today; distraction from needing to spend a week with an injured tooth.

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started reading a novel for the first time even though the plot disturbes me

got my heart rate up to 125bpm riding my bike

reached out to others here and tried to not make assumptions regarding why I didnt hear back regarding a message I sent

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Wednesday August 17-2011:

1. Me and my body are adjusting to "soft food"/liquid diet without my nuts and seeds etc. It has helped to add in some things like prune juice and a greenie smoothie made from organic pineapple, organic peaches, and spinach.

2. Good to have Amanda back. She just finished her final exam for summer school today, and worked for me from 3:20pm to 7:00pm. She shopped for me at Grand Union (spinach, coffee ice cream, V-8 juice, cottage cheese). Also got phlox flowers for me at Spring Hill to add to fresh hydrangea blossoms for kitchen counter. They had done roadwork outside my house on Wormwood today and Amanda took photos with her excellent phone camera of the crushed stone that now covers the road. Amanda split open an organic pineapple, and we added spinach and organic peaches to make a greenie drink. We then organized the garage a bit in preparation for new yardworker/vacuum person Sheila coming tomorrow. Amanda then washed the master bath floor around toilet again, changed litter boxes, vacuumed the stairs and fed Maggie. She took a few items upstairs for me and took away all the trash.

3. Enjoyed finale of tv series "Love in the Wild": light, fast, fun.

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I know its still early but

Went out for breakfast..by myself..an accomplishment.

Pampered myself with brow waxing and hair trim.

Got some much needed new shorts..I rarely buy things for ME!

Posted a positive story on another message board.

After working really hard for several days..giving myself a break!!!!

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Need to get caught up with daily positives.

In the meantime, here are some general ongoing daily positive things:

1. My cat cuddling and purring either in bed with me, or in my lap.

2. Fresh flowers by the kitchen sink, especially in the sunshine.

3. The play of leafy shadows on my frosted-window double doors.

4. My SAD light: I love bathing in its glow while I'm eating a meal.

5. A reasonably comfortable house, with lots of space and light.

6. I have found a good massage therapist, who is good with me on both a physical and emotional level, and who is willing to come to my house, charge me a reasonable rate, and is reliable. This resource, along with daily email exchanges with Pam, and addition of new assistant Amanda, is a great comfort.

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