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Positivity Thread: 3 Things That Went "right" Today, Edition #7.

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1. Coped in a very busy noisy environment.

2. Made a difficult phone call.

3. Drove home, in the dark, 30 miles of country lanes.

And didn't get stressed any more than a well person would have. Yay for me! and Yay for my husband and daughter who were ready to back me up if I needed help.


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Tuesday August 2, 2011--a very tired day, but did find some positives:

1. Marlene did errands for me: Getting a Subway sandwich, and shopping at Home Depot for a new wet/dry vac (9-gallon) with disposable "dust bags", plus some on-sale 65-Watt recessed interior floodlights.

2. Maggie almost took food from Marlene's hand! At least Maggie went right over to the food dish Marlene was holding and "considered" eating out of it. Part of the impulse on Maggie's part was that she had been without her "favorite" fishy foods for 48 hours, but still it was pretty neat!

3. I contacted the orthopedic office with a followup question, which relieved my mind (I do NOT have to go under anesthetic for cortisone shot).

4. I made a phone call and connected with potential new yard worker Brian.

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Wednesday August 3-2011

1. Amanda canceled today due to illness, but fortunately Marlene was already in place to finish up Home Depot/Lowe's shopping, so I had her get my mail and raspberry yogurt, in addition to the Manchester shopping for garden shrub whacker and 100 ft. extension cord.

2. Around 7pm this evening, when I really needed someone to talk to, I called PA warmline. On second try, I reached Evie, who although not the best in terms of someone to talk to, at least gave me a chance to vent.

3. Reconnected with potential yardworker Brian via phone and email re possible Sunday date.

4. "Love in the Wild" tv series provided light fun again.

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Well, one special one for me today... I joined a choir!

This involved finding the venue, going into a room full of strangers and singing. I did it and it was great. Got a bit choked on the way out as I was so pleased with myself.

I wish everyone a good day tomorrow. X

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Thursday August 4-2011:

1. I canceled TOPS magazine coming in the mail, while maintaining my membership. It was one way I could think of to reduce the paper clutter in my life, and I feel good about it.

2. I also took care of the following: (1) posted to H-C group, (2) called re malfunctioning micro-fridge and got constructive response from "Joe", (3) called Maggie's vet & got directly through unlike last week, (4) then called Maggie's former vet and spoke to Danielle re past thyroid records, and (5) finally called Medicare re possibility of adding medication coverage (end of August deadline is coming up). Did some research online about the latter tonight.

3. Received a wonderful email from Pam, which it actually "hurts" me to read because it's what I hope is true but I feel so unsure. She wrote:

"I am ever thankful and blessed to have met you and to have you in my life. You are a true inspiration to me and possess such a wealth of knowledge and a willingness to share that with others that I am humbled."

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1. Saw 2 universities with a friend, don't really like either of them but it gave me a better understanding of college life.

2. Got 2 CD's (and a light bulb that doesn't work!) from a friend, for my birthday.

3. The both of them took me to this great restaurant and I had a decent time hanging out with them.

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1. Realized my error in judgment and thinking. I'm getting a bit quicker with this lately....and hopefully it will lead to lasting change with practice.

2. Had a good heart-to-heart talk with my sister about my condition.

3. Woke up feeling rested, and not burdened. :smilingteeth:

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Catching up here...Friday August 5-2011:

1. Although I didn't get to sleep until 8:30am Friday morning (and slept in until about 2pm friday), I did get quite a bit done during the nighttime into morning hours. Especially that I contacted and problem-solved with Charter on 2 issues:

(1) why bill had gone up? (and how to bring it down)

AND (2) how to register for Charter Cloud.

2. Best moment of the day: standing by the rail fence in the driveway at Wormwood for about 15 minutes friday afternoon, with Amanda, with cool fresh air blowing over us, watching 2 deer eating apples from the trees in neighbor's yard.

3. Also really good:

Amanda surprised me with a big bouquet of wild flowers from her parents' house in MA: black-eyed Susans, 2 kinds of Lily, Cone Flowers, and stalk-like clusters of tiny dark purple flowers.

4. It was great to have Amanda back as assistant from 3:45pm to 8:15pm. I actually thought that Amanda had worked for me MORE than once before, we fit that well together. She stayed for over four hours today and was willing to come an hour later than originally planned, at 4pm. She also asked about covering the bandaid on her arm with a long-sleeved pullover, which worked for me.

5. Master bath toilet looks great, inside and out, after Amanda cleaned it with ease, in preparation for Eric installing toilet riser this coming week.

6. New intermediate brick step is in place on front stoop, through Amanda's efforts. New 9-gallon vacuum parts are all unpacked and laid out in garage. Trash has been taken away by Amanda, and litter boxes cleaned. Various light bulbs have been sorted and stored on laundry room shelves. Amanda brought steamed chicken/veggie/rice dinner when she came.

7. Received Email with application for job from Eric's daughter Abby.

8. Watched Whoopi Goldberg movie "The Associate", which I had not seen before.

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Saturday August 6-2011:

1. I didn't get to sleep til 7:00am, but was able to sleep in until 2pm.

2. After leaving a message, I was able to talk to Michael for an hour in the late afternoon; I also talked to Marla earlier from upstairs bedroom while Marlene unloaded the groceries she was able to get today (in spite of blowing the coupons). When talking to Michael, I referred to Wormwood as "my tree house". (I really am in the tree tops.) I also said that if I had to be "stuck" (physically) in any house, this was as good a house as any. (It also has central air!)

3. Made contact with assistant Sue, who is temporarily derailed by auto break-down: we exchanged voice mails!

4. Left voice mail for Pam re my upset re shopping errors by Marlene. Helped to vent a bit!

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Sunday August 7-2011:

1. I got myself up by one pm. Earlier, I had gotten to sleep this am by 6am, even though initially it was in downstairs lounger rather than bed.

2. Heard from Brian (potential Wormwood yardworker) and Jillian (potential assistant) via voice mail today.

3. Amanda came between 4pm and 6:35pm. We went over coupons and shopping list for tomorrow in Manchester/West Hartford. (Amanda is going to get cat food at Petco, elusive 1-and-7/8inch vacuum dusting brush attachment at West Hartford Home Depot, and my missing 32 oz yogurt at Stop n shop.) Today, we unpacked the new toilet 4-inch "riser"/platform, and put away Maggie's latest vet info (inside cat carrier). We also made up my bed with FRESH SHEETS--yay! And Amanda did litter box and touch-up cleaning around toilet where riser is to be installed.

4. Golf tournament was won by Adam Scott, with expert caddie Steve Williams (Tiger's "ex") by his side. Karma is great sometimes!

5. Entryway light is burned out by front door at Wormwood (and I can't reach!), but I found that a small nightlight in that hallway does just as well to light my way--and cheer me up!

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Monday August 8-2011:

1. Got myself up around noontime so that I could be available to Amanda during her shopping trip for me starting at one pm.

2. Assistant Amanda traveled from Mansfield to Manchester Petco to West Hartford Home Depot to my house in West Hartford to Vernon Stop n shop to Spring Hill mailbox, and then here to me at Wormwood. I now have new cat food for Maggie, plus the elusive 1-and-7/8inch vacuum attachments, my missing 32 oz yogurt, and my mail. Amanda also sent me "phone photos" of the yard of my West Hartford house. As a bonus, the vacuum attachments from Home Depot had NO STICKERS on them; big relief-yay!

3. Amanda did some "extras" after arriving at Wormwood. Overhead light bulb by inside front entry is changed--but I am still using my "new" discovery of nightlight to light the way down the passage at night. (It makes it "pretty" downstairs when I view the darkened hallway from upstairs at Wormwood.) Payment for last Saturday is mailed to Marlene in 231 mailbox, litter is cleaned, and latest trash taken away.

4. I called Verizon and made my prepaid phone renewal for one year on 1987#. I added automatic payment for next year, and want to do the same with friend Michael's phone, which I "sponsor".

5. I finally connected with potential assistant Jillian around 7pm. She is doing personal assistant work for another person, but wants fewer hours there. She said she signed up to be a companion and now is more of a housekeeper. She is also working 25 hours per week there, and wants less. Made tentative date with her to meet, possibly on Monday.

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I'm new to this but I realize that saying 3 good things about yourself/your day seems to be very helpful so I'll give it a try.

1. My amazing boyfriend is cooking my favorite dinner tonight. Chicken, fresh broccoli, and rice. Even though he doesn't like broccoli or rice :)

2. I didn't have to drive to work today, since it wasn't my day to drive.

3. I didn't mess up entering a file into the system that I was sure I messed up

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Tuesday 8/9/2011:

1. Impressed that overnight I managed to set up a link between 2 online accounts, and even accomplish my first transfer!

2. I slept in solidly from 7am to 2:30pm and was absolutely ready to get up when I woke: that rarely happens. Was able to sleep in because I had no appointments today, not even an assistant booked.

3. Hmm, hives has improved. Still wondering if it was stress or perhaps overdoing the almonds?

4. Got catch-up work done.

5. Tonight enjoyed "Taking Woodstock" movie on cable "on demand".

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