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Positivity Thread: 3 Things That Went "right" Today, Edition #7.

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Thanks. I did have a great trip. Went to a family reunion. Met lots of cousins and toured family historic homes. Niece went with me to introduce her to her heritage. Little tired today but have all week to rest up.

1. Washed clothes for trip.

2. Ironed things for trip.

3. Printed out boarding passes.

Oooh, boarding passes! I love to fly commercially, it feels like such a travel treat haha. I hope you have a great trip : )

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Monday September 26-2011:

1. Marie made her second delivery of raw food meals: I was glad she postponed from 4:30pm to 6pm, because that gave me more time both to rest and to get my notes together.

2. Got out the raw food cookbooks and smoothie drink recipe books that I had forgotten about. Printed out one raspberry/red cabbage drink for Marie to make for me.

3. Phoned Stonyfield yogurt re getting some lids for their 6 oz cups so I can use as portion control containers. The very nice customer service person said that he would speed them on their way to me! He might get them in the mail today.

4. This is an odd one but...when I looked outside at the trees turning to the yellow of fall foliage, I did NOT feel depressed today like I usually do! Not sure why. I also noticed that I didn't need to turn on the tv to distract myself from negative thoughts. Hmmm.

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Tuesday September 27-2011:

1. Major insomnia overnight, Monday into Tuesday. But during my sleepless time, I am feeling very good about the fact that I got my first greenie smoothie made in quite a while. Combination of spinach and pineapple and banana, laced with black cherry juice.

2. It took a bit of effort, but I finally got Dad's Buick towed to garage, by Tolland Citgo, since Whitehouse Automotive was not available today.

3. Sue was able to come after all today, and served as my "anchor" and go-between while Sheila was working on yardwork between 3pm and 6pm: vacuuming the garage, trimming grasses, and weeding. Sue in the meantime picked up my mail, refastened automatic garage door opener gizmo (after Sunday's power outage), served as go-between for roadside service picking up Dad's car for tow, and cut my toe nails!!! she also did some weeding in between other things. And she recovered the number "2" which had fallen off the house during hurricane!

4. Talked to Vicki at PA warmline around 11pm when I was feeling very paralyzed and rejected and disconnected. Made plans to text Eric and have some ice cream for comfort.

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Wednesday September 28-2011:

1. After a "nudge" on my part, I am grateful that I heard back via email from Kristin from raw food place in Windsor--an amazingly long "letter" which took 8 pages to print out!

2. Visits today from both Eric (at last!) and Marie, who did her latest raw food drop-off at 4pm. Eric, in the meantime, had come earlier, around 3pm. He finished repairing the basement stair (sanding and staining), lubricated the front door lock, and replaced the 2 dawn-to-dusk exterior lights by garage (thank goodness it was just a case of burnt-out bulbs!) He got to meet Marie briefly, and is very interested in the raw food diet himself.

3. Best most filling raw food supper yet: had zuccini noodles with pesto, with extra marinated mushrooms mixed in, and some fabulous herb crackers on the side. Finished up my mixed carrot/cucumber drink, and then had the first sample ever of frozen raw ice cream (chocolate almond flavor).

4. Phoned Marla tonight 10:30pm or so and talked for about an hour. Amazingly, Marla has also started a green smoothie diet, which she has been following for about 2 weeks. She knows a man who has written a book re raw smoothies, and its his guide that she is following! Fascinating!

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Thursday September 29-2011:

A bumpy day with a bad dream, dead mouse, and erratic assistant, but here are some positives--

1. I was relieved that when I called the garage back re finding and removing dead mouse from car, Dennis sounded much more positive about success than brother Dave had been earlier.

2. James worked a somewhat broken work session between 3pm and 7pm today. In spite of a number of glitches including his broken cell phone and insufficient funds to cover purchases, the following was accomplished:

(1) I did get a small group of important grocery items, including 2-for-one spinach on sale! (2) Because James had to retrace his steps to grocery store, the malfunctioning hurricane flashlight got returned and refunded today at Mansfield Supply. (3) We found a break in the heavy rain to take Maggie's secondary litter box outside to empty and thoroughly clean. (4) We were also able to take advantage of that rain break for me to test out that I CAN successfully get into James' front seat of his Jeep. (5.) James also agreed to remove the shipping box with broken cane to return to the cane company. (6.) In addition, he carried a fresh bag of cat litter upstairs and took away all trash.

3. I was finally able to reach Vicki at PA warmline tonight. Talked more about my rough day, but also eagerly discussed raw food diet.

4. I was sure I was going to have Ben and Jerry's ice cream tonight, but for some reason ended up "raw" with raw chocolate almond ice cream and fresh pineapple/spinach greenie drink.

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Friday September 30-2011:

1. Got some much needed rest today; was able to sleep in until around 2pm, napping with Maggie cat.

2. Eric didn't come, which was fine, because he did send me a text message letting me know that the window frame samples are not in yet.

3. Talked with a warmline in Hawaii today!! There is only a single person staffing it because of budget cuts; used to be 14 people.

4. Completed my registration for Raw Food Class on Sundays.

5. Really nice personal email from author of raw smoothie book; looks like he will deliver the book personally to me!

6. Was initially thrown that my raw coach wasn't on the other end of the line for our appointment tonight, but used the time to finish unpacking my black quad cane. Also watched "City of Your Final Destination" on on-demand tv.

6. Decadent late night raw dessert of raw brownie and raw chocolate nut ice cream.

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Saturday October 1-2011--a day that began very emotionally and with a lot of bumps, but ended better:

1. Finally, I have Dad's car back from the garage. I had to give them a "cover" check, because their credit card terminal was down, but did bring the car back late afternoon. There is a slight new odor, but it smells less like dead mouse and more like horse barn.

2. Best moment of the day was when Heather at BP gas station said that if I call from my car tomorrow, someone will come out and fill the tank for me as a person with disability. I was very worried, because both full serve stations that I know of are closed on Sundays.

3. When I was very emotionally upset still, after a couple of hours, unable to reach anyone I wanted to, I was able to reach Brian of PA warmline and talked to him for a bit.

4. After several failed attempts, I finally connected with Kristin of the raw food place in Windsor around 2:30pm. We talked for 25 minutes and I explained the following: "This (taking the weekly class) will be a significant challenge for me, but I am really committed and don't think I can make it without the group support."

5. James was unable to pick up the Stop n Shop items I wanted, but he did get distilled water for me at Grand Union, plus my mail. He then came here and packed up one bag of trash, and thoroughly wiped down the basement stairs (following Eric's repair work). He hasn't mailed the broken cane return package yet, but said he will do so. He then drove me to Marty's garage, where I picked up the car. I suggested that next time, I might hire him to wash the car!!! James worked from approximately 3:20pm to 4:25pm, plus the time to take me to garage.

6. Tonight I made a pineapple-only smoothie from raw pineapple chunks reaching their maturity date. I even used the pineapple core in the drink. I also emailed Marie a list of raw food items that I need for Monday.

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Sunday October 2-2011:

1. Although Maggie cat broke into the garage at just the wrong time, I was quickly successful in shooing her back into the house so that I could leave on time.

2. Getting gas: Very well pleased that my system of phoning from my parked position by a gas pump to the station attendant inside got me the desired result of getting my gas put in by the attendant. My disability is such that I really can't do it anymore, and the one full-service station in town is closed on Sundays :-(. This was a workable solution, although it was obvious that the attendant wasn't used to doing this: he didn't ask me what kind of gas or how much gas I wanted--or whether I was paying via cash or credit card! Lucky I had my credit card with me and could pay for a full tank!

3. I made it to the raw food class in plenty of time, in fact a half hour early.

4. Best parts of the food served in class today were: the organic fresh pear and the freshly-made almond milk with dates and banana added. Best tip which I will immediately put into action: drink plenty of carrot juice.

5. Very friendly class participant Mary offered to exchange phone numbers.

6. I was very aware that I was physically moving better this week than I was last week in class. Endurance/stamina was also a bit better.

7. Ironic positive: I stayed a bit too long after class, and realized that I was going to miss "Amazing Race". However, the show had evidently gotten bumped ahead by scheduling adjustments (it ran until maybe 15 to 20 minutes past 9pm), so I got to see the end. And when I realized that Ethan was eliminated, I was just as glad that I hadn't watched the whole thing, because I would have been disappointed.

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Great idea for a thread!

1. Received a check for money owed by a friend.

2. Got two phone calls and one email from three good friends asking how things were going with the separation, did I need anything, etc.

3. Met my 4-year-old's bus after school and spent the afternoon with him.

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Monday October 3-2011:

1. Marie delivered my list of promised raw food items around 4pm. She had everything on my list--except for the recipes. She brought salad for the first time, and although it was a simple salad of spinach, onion, and pumpkin seeds, I was pleasantly surprised how much the many chunks of white onion really punched up the salad.

2. Successful raw supper tonight: raw lasagna (pre-cut into smaller pieces with knife), herb crackers, salad and carrot-lemon juice.

3. Bill and wife Megan came as promised between 8pm - 8:30pm to deliver their smoothie book and discuss smoothies and raw diets.

4. Phoned Marla around 10:30pm or so. More discussion of smoothies. Marla is about to try a carrot one. She leaves for Africa on October 31st for a month.

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