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Mention One (Or More) Thing(S) You Will Do To Morrow To Cope With Your Mental Health. Better Opportunities For Better Mental Health (May Be Small). #2


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Good to hear you had a nice vacation, Rosegirl.

I'm going tomorrow, bike tour to Amsterdam. Not all the way, we take the train till the Dutch border and cycle from there. And we go back by train, too. I'm pretty afraid I might lose my nerve and ruin the whole trip, I must not let that happen. So my plan for the next week:

1. Don't be late for the train.

2. Stay calm and be prepared for everything.

3. Ignore the mood swings.

4. Get distracted.

5. Enjoy the time with my friends.

I can do it. Probably. Hopefully. :Coopdessert:

Lovely week to all of you. I'll be back. :ninja:

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Hi guys, :hugs:

Tomorrow I have some guests from France and a lunch at the cinema.

I only have the morning for myself, so I will enjoy it as much as I can.

1. First thing, listen to the relaxation music and do yoga.

2. Have my coffee and breakfast at the veranda if it

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I survived! :yay:

And it went alright. Actually it was pleasantly distracting and I felt overall fine. The mood swings were almost gone and though I got pretty anxious when we went shopping in Amsterdam, I regained control over it.

noctureneangel, hope you catch the train. I wish you a very good vacation. If your mania bothers you at the trip, it might be wise to take some time alone at daytime in your tent/hotel/motel or wherever you sleep to reduce all the inputs. Wish you a good vacation and hope to see you here afterward. Good Luck! :hugs:

Thank you. I caught the train, but almost missed it, because it was raining so heavily that they had to close down all the tunnels in the city. I was pretty wet when I arrived at the station, but the weather got better as we took off.

As for tomorrow, I will do some things from my list and go to my appointment. Will be strange to talk about my problems after one week of keeping my thoughts away from them. Guess I'll have to face the facts again *sighs*.

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I will try to organize my home. My depression have hindered me to do that in the last weeks. There is only one thing to do and that is to try to get life to function again.

I am actually doing and going through similar things. Right now I am cleaning up my house and rearranging it. My depression has been too hard to handle lately and I have gone back to counseling for a few sessions.

I will do only what I can and be ok with not feeling great.

I will forgive myself for things that I have thought about or forgive others

I will try to do what is right in each situation

I will also try to have at least one conversation with someone everyday, even on the phone to help overcome the depression.

I will try to notice the alarming thoughts and change it up with something positive.

Haven't been posting in a while, kind of isolating myself which is not healthy.

Take care all!


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