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Bullied And Abused By A Teacher From The Ages Of 7 To 12

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I appreciate you sharing this story, it is very sad yet hopeful. I had not head of a Waldorf school before this post, but I am glad that your mother has held strong to her morals and values, despite or in spite, of the overall views held by these schools. It truly is a shame that children are treated this way, and even worse that there are adults out there who are causing this pain and heartache. You seem like an intelligent and determined individual, and I am sure that you will accomplish your goals to become a lawyer. Maybe you will become a leading voice on the subject of student treatment, specifically in Waldorf schools. There are many positive things that can come from your stay at this school, and hopefully less children will suffer in this way because you decided to speak up.

Thanks again for this contribution to the forum. I wish you the best of luck.

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Thank you very much for sharing such a memoir story to us...we're definitely remembered.....Please do not worry... Be happy and be strong whatever you goes....

I wish you have a happy holiday and season with your beloved family, relatives and friends who appreciates, respects and value you more than that..

Wish you good luck and happy new year to you

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