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Body Image

Body Image  

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  1. 1. What best describes the way you feel about your body?

    • I love and accept my body fully and with out reservation
    • I generally feel good about my body but have doubts at times
    • I'm ok with my body but have doubts about my attractiveness to others
    • I'm pretty down on myself. I feel ugly most of the time but doesn't effect my daily life
    • I hate my body. I'm ugly. I'm constantly obessing how I look and it impairs my daily living
    • I don't worry about it. As long as my partner is happy, that's all that matters
  2. 2. ?What part of your body would you change if you could that would make you feel a lot better?

    • Waist
    • Stomach & or Weight
    • Backside
    • Hair
    • Breasts - Men and Women
    • Arms
    • Legs
    • Facial area including Nose, Ears,Ears
    • Feet
    • Skin Complexion Or Color
    • Some of the above
    • None of the above

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My weight is a huge problem for me. Parents and grandparents always pressured me to diet and work out with them, even though I was a TOTALLY normal weight.

Now, the depression makes it so I don't have the energy to cook. When I do, I definitely don't have the energy to do dishes afterwards. So my hubby and I eat out multiple times a week or sometimes multiple times a day. Plus there's the general lethargy that makes me not get out of bed. Plus I have asthma, so I can't exercise too much anyway. Plus the medications I've been on to treat the depression make me gain weight which makes me more depressed. I've gained 60 lbs in 3 years and I have horrible stretch marks from it. I already had acne as a skin issue (the scars are the biggest problem) and now I have really red, noticeable stretch marks all over my body.

It makes it hard to think I'll ever get better because if I get over the depression issues from childhood and losing friends and all that drama... I'll still come out of it having to deal with my horrible weight that I currently can't do anything about.

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I hate pretty much everything in my body, but the parts that I worry most are my face, hair, boobs and butt.

I have horrible acne, but now I'm eating some pills that make my skin better, I don't get so much pimples anymore, but my face is still full of ugly acne scars. Even lots of makeup isn't enough to cover all the flaws in my skin.

I have naturally very frizzy hair, so I can't go out of my house without using hair straightener first. And because I have used hair straightener daily since the age 12 my hair look horrible now, dull and dead.

And I have a flat chest and no butt at all, I'm totally curveless. I know it's mainly because I'm underweight, but somehow I just can't gain weight, no matter how much I eat.

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Ok so Im nearly 18 years old, teenage guy. I've got a big problem with how my body looks. Even though my parents say it's nothing, I know there is. I wouldnt put myself in the 'obese' category, more like 'chubby'. What bothers me most is my pecs, abdominal area, waist, back and maybe the hips too, but of the statted here, stomach and waist bother me the most. Add to that, stretch marks on the lower left part of my stomach, the back and of course, the waist. Body hair used to bother me in the past but I thought that if i managed to get a decent body, it wouldnt be a problem. Well i did lost some weight and my arms, upper back & shoulders are in a pretty good shape, i trained my pecs too but after the weight loss, and still, they look like manboobs (yup, hurts me to say it, but that's how it is, although not an increbily eye-catching size, but enough to make me feel how I feel right now). Another thing that bothers me, is when I stand straight, it looks like Im in pretty good shape, but when i bend or sit, the stomach expands.

So yeah, I pretty much feel like crap. I know some of you will think: learn how to love your body regardless of the weight or something like that, but that doesnt go for me, I've tried and everytime I fail, I hate myself even more. It affects my daily life a lot (especially during the summer). I dont go to the beach or water parks (if you read this far, you'd know why). My self-esteem is low. I wish I could tell my parents (and friends) how much that sucks for me but I can't cause I simply dont want to get in this topic. When I put some more thought about it and how I feel, it makes me wanna cry. In fact, as Im writing this, my eyes are filling with tears.

Well thats pretty much all I can say. Thanks to those who decide to answer.

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I really hate my own body. I have previously struggled with bulimia, and as soon as I stopped the purging about a year and a half ago, I gained about 30 pounds, making me about 20-25 pounds overweight. Every time I try to lose weight, I find myself starving or hurting myself. I just don't think I can lose weight healthily right now and I don't want to do anything drastic because I am very much predisposed to SI. This is a big worry when you're about to start university. I'm so nervous, I don't know if I'll even be able to leave my dorm :verysad3: But worst of all, I'm in love :hearts: with a guy I met online (definitely not creepy and definitely who he says he is :talktohand: ) and once I move to England (in two months) he wants to meet me (he lives outside of Paris, so the distance is much more managable). It just sucks because I really like this guy, but I don't want him to even see all of me! I have no idea what I'm going to do :coopcray:

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I'm in love :hearts: with a guy I met online (definitely not creepy and definitely who he says he is :talktohand: ) and once I move to England (in two months) he wants to meet me (he lives outside of Paris, so the distance is much more managable). It just sucks because I really like this guy, but I don't want him to even see all of me! I have no idea what I'm going to do :coopcray:

I can relate to that, not with a guy though. The distance however isn't as small as yours. More like Spain - USA.. Anyway I wish you guys the best and hope everything will work out for you :)

Take care.

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I like my body. I wouldn't say I LOVE it though because the're still certain parts I really dislike but overall I'm happy with how I look. I use to hate my body though. I've always been overweight and I've been bullied a lot with that, I also got a lot of negative comments from my family so that absolutely made me hate my body. But last summer I lost quit a few pounds and I finally look normal and I can just fit in normal size clothes. The past year I've also gotten so many compliments about my weightloss and body.. It's still a little weird because I never heard those kinds of things but after a year I'm finally starting to believe it lol. So anyways yeah, I like my body, it looks just like a "normal" womans body and even more important, it's healthy! So no reason for me to hate it any longer :)

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I used to have plenty of issues with my body and the way I look, I don’t anymore. I’m recently turned 53 years old and peoples always tell me that I don’t look it at all; this is something to feel good about. Like I said I used to have plenty of issues especially after a car accident when I was 19. This accident left me for more than a year with mental and physical scars but I healed them all. For sure like anybody else I wish sometime that I could change some think about myself that said I’m still satisfied with the way I look. My secret for feeling good is to take time to pamper and take care of myself. I try to eat properly and exercise (long walk with my dogs and dancing). I also learn to put a big smile on my face even in bad days, peoples who smile are always more appealing. I also learn to let go, I mean by that to let go of thing that I know I could never change. As I’m getting older I’m trying to let go of all the stupidity that I was putting myself into when I was younger. The biggest secret that I learn to be beautiful is to try to be beautiful inside; I start by putting on a smile and let go of any sort of negative feelings.

For all the peoples who doesn’t feel beautiful remember the song from Northern Pike, she ain’t pretty she just looks that way. To me this song tells it all; you might be the most gorgeous person but… ugly inside and with lots of peoples, beautiful personality will always win.

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I identify with "I hate my body. I'm ugly. I'm constantly obsessing over how I look and it impairs my daily living". I have battled with body image issues ever since I started to go through puberty. I used to hate how skinny I was, then I gained a lot of weight, and I was happy with that because I didn't like being so skinny because people always commented on it. But then I started to feel disgusted with how I looked again (which was kind of triggered by people in my life) so I decided to try and lose weight, but I wasn't ever that successful with losing weight so I would continue to diet on and off.. but then this year I got very serious about losing weight and lost weight very fast and now I'm much more pleased with my body, but I"m still not satisfied with it and I still feel bad about myself, and I still want to lose weight even though my weight is pretty low. I constantly think about my body and losing weight and such. I am indifferent about how I look (like my face and skin tone), but I did go through a phase where I was extremely preoccupied with how I looked and constantly felt so revolted by how I looked and obsessed over my facial features and stuff. But now I am just preoccupied with my body. I can't imagine ever being satisfied with myself and confident with how I look. It would be amazing to be happy with myself one day though, and not preoccupied with how I look and tormented by my negative thoughts of myself...

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