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On Long Term Sick...ssp Running Out - Esa?

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My girlfriend is currently signed off work and has been since September last year due to anxiety and depression.

In this time she has been on various different medications but is still suffering (still waiting for counselling to help....)

One of the large causes of her anxiety issues was her work place, and she feels that it is unlikely that she will return to them. She has been getting a mixture of company sick pay and then statutory sick pay. I have been helping out by trying to look into what help she can get financially if/when she leaves work - whilst looking for another job that will not set of her anxiety attacks.

ESA seemed to be the solution - however, we are uncertain as to whether she will have to wait till SSP runs out, get her SSP1 form from work and then apply for ESA, and then quit the job based on the outcome of this.

Or simply quit and apply for ESA

We are concerned that if she is to leave she would not be entitled to any financial help?

I have calculated that unfortunately she is unable to get income based support due to my income, however contribution based ESA does seem likely. We are just extremely concerned that once SSP runs out we will be living on my income alone (which is 'just' above the threshold to get any financial support - housing, tax credits etc for a couple)

Also I have seen someone mention something like 'capability dismissal' (as she is unable to do the job due to her anxiety) - is this something anyone has heard of? As from what I gather this would allow her to be dismissed from her job, without quiting and still be entitled to benefits without a delay.

One a side note, she recently managed to get the mobility component of DLA at

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