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Does It Ever Happen To You?


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Sometimes I hear someone talk about an event, like a concert, and tell me "You should've been there", when in fact I was there. Sometimes the event wasn't even that long ago.

I find this really insulting. I'm that insignificant to you that you don't remember I was there?

Last time it happened I just said "Yeah, I should've".

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I got told exactly that countless times by people who were friends. But in my situation they just didn't invite me. And then once I see them again they would go on to talk about the stuff they did without me and tell me things like, "Dude, you should have been there, you would have loved it." :Coopdessert:

But thanks to all the meds I was taking it was easy to just make myself numb so I couldn't feel the raw emotions I should have had from being told things like that. :mellow:

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Hello, perhaps they were kinda *medicated* or intoxicated and just dont remember. I wouldnt take it personally, some peoples memories are just bad (or shot from drug abuse) and will forget things like that. No one is insignificant and *try* to just let it go. Life is full of things that I find I just have to let go, there is no use getting frustrated and upset about it. Hey! I just back from taking my car in to the shop, only about $500 (sarcastically) to get fixed up, I started to let it bother me as I am running really low on finances and no job, but ya know, in the long run, all I am doing is hurting myself.

Good Luck and best wishes and hope I helped with *my* example for todays *little* surprise that floored me with the cost. But no use worrying, wont do any good... and its self harmful to me to obsess about it.

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